Sex addiction

Jasmine loves to have sex when she meets 5sos all she wants to do is have sex with them will she finally do something


4. the bathroom

We finally backed away from each other I first asked him why he kissed me he said two reasons ur sexy and I new by looking at you you are the type of girl that loves to have sex he said his name was Luke Hemmings and I told him mine all the other guys he was with stared at me I was so embarrassed he told me that tomorrow he would take me on a date but first he says let me take those clothes off of you as he pulled me into the bathroom he laid down blankets as he put down first he took of my pants then my shirt he left me in my bra and underwear as I pulled him down and took his shirt and pants off he then took of my underwear and bra with his teeth I took his boxers off he licked from the top of my belly button the bottom of my boobs he kissed my neck until his nose reached the middle of my boobs then he shook his head around turning me on he pulls a condom out of his pants that where lying by the door he unwrapped it and put It on his dick he started sucking my neck until there was a purple mark he squeezed my breasts as he licked my pussy it felt him stop everything I opened my eyes and saw him aiming his length at my vagina then I felt the pain of him putting it in he began thrusting I moaned his name and said don't stop baby keep going then the pain went away and I felt the soothing in and out as we finished the door opened It was calum and Michael they were naked

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