long lost twin

This is the squeal to new kid

Summer and Luke split up due to money reason

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14. 14

James's pov

After Jamie drove off with Mason, mom and dad told me to go after her. Now i am driving to the beach.

i pull into the parking lot at the beach and see them setting up the umbrella and laying towels on the ground.

I get out of the car and walk over to them.

"Jamie can I talk to you for a second?," i ask.

"Why?," she asks. 

"Because i need to talk to you away from Mason. NOW!," I say getting angry.

She sighs and trudges over to me.

Jamies pov

"What do you want?," i ask

"I want to know why you care for Mason so much. Hes not a great guy. Trust me i know."

"I care for Mason because he Cares for me. He understands me and doesnt treat me like a peice of crap. He is a great guy James and thats what you dont understand, because under all of the tattoos and peircings he actually a sweet guy. stop judging books by their covers and open your eyes," i say as i start to walk away but he grabs my are stoping me.

"I understand now Jamie. Im sorry. I just domt want you to get hurt. I just got you and i dont want to loose you."

I hug him tightly. "I love you James."

"I love you too Jamie."

"Okay now lets go have some fun," I say running over to Mason.



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