Junior Year: The Worst Year Ever?

I've heard that my Junior year of high school is the best year of my whole schooling experience... well I'm seriously doubting this considering I'm starting without my best friend, have barely talked to my other friends all summer, and my schedule leaves me alone for most of my classes. This might turn out to be the best year or worst of my life--I'm leaning towards the latter on this one--this is my public diary of this year.


1. The Night Before

So, it's 12:07 AM, and I'm supposed to be awake in six and a half hours... Not only am I not tired because all summer long I've stayed up till around 1 AM - 3 AM, but I'm also freaking out about this year. I mean, you probably would too if you were me. I'm starting this year and my best friend moved to a new school, and I've barely talked to any of my other friends since school let out for the summer excluding my boyfriend, best friend, and my friend who has already graduated (still pretty jealous of them). To top off this little pity party I only have one class with only one friend and that's my second to last class; the rest of my schedule results in me being alone until lunch (at least I won't be alone there). So, maybe trying to think of a small list of reasons might help ease my mind and let me get more than three hours of sleep. Yeah I'm going to try that:

1. My schedule is pretty chill for the most part
2. I will finally regain solid sleep schedule
3. I get to hang out with some of my friends
4. I might make new friends
5. Choir 
6. Piano lessons start back up
7. I'm one year closer to graduating from this hell called High School

Well I guess I should just try to sleep instead of wasting my last few precious hours on writing an entry...


School year ranking right now: Completely sucky




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