Junior Year: The Worst Year Ever?

I've heard that my Junior year of high school is the best year of my whole schooling experience... well I'm seriously doubting this considering I'm starting without my best friend, have barely talked to my other friends all summer, and my schedule leaves me alone for most of my classes. This might turn out to be the best year or worst of my life--I'm leaning towards the latter on this one--this is my public diary of this year.


4. Day 21/ Week 5

So, I've been fairly with the whole surviving school thing, and I just kept forgetting to document each day so instead of doing like a daily post I'm going to try to post weekly. 

Anyway the past 19 days (this count is not including weekends just school days btw) have been so up and down. Like, one of my goals for this semester is to get straight As and like i've had a B in my chem class that i just got up like two weeks ago, but now I have two Bs in Pre-Calc and the B in Chem is back. It's very frustrating to deal with, but they will all be As by December. So yeah that's what i have been dealing with the past few weeks and that's about it I guess. School is very very uneventful. 


School year ranking right now: A rollercoaster of stress

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