Zoe gets a surprise appear on her doorstep but little did she sknow it would change her aspect on life and her relationship......


3. Three☔

Alfie's POV


Dear Alfredo, 

Ihave become so depressed since mum, dad and my husband died....I had so much hate and every comment on social media was aweful...I just couldn't cope...I know you and zoe have been having problems lately but you two love each other so much and I know you will work it out. 

I can't live without them...I'm not gunna tell you how I took my life but I just want to let you know how much I love you and zoe and Darcy with all my heart. 

Darcy is at zoes place right now with the same note. I'm sorry I put the responsibility on you but I didnt know what else to do or who to go to....I know she loves you so I thought you would be the best option.

Again I love you so much ​x

Louise x 


Tears were streaming down my face at this point, how could she do this to herself...

Then Zoe came to my mind..


I have to go apologise and see if shes ok... 


I grap my office keys from the bowl and slam the door behind me, not even bothering to get a jacket...


I cant even begin to imagine what Zoe is going through right now...


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