He Said Hi

The sequel to "He Said Bye" is finally here! Ever since Bridgett's boyfriend, Ryder moved to New York, she has been conflicted as to whether she should move on or not. She finally moves on to a guy she liked. His name is Jake, and he is very sweet and nice. Bridgett knows that he isn't as good as Ryder, but she still wants to move on. Then, something happens that will change Bridgett's relationships drastically. Conflict will arise and Bridgett will have to decide... (read the book to find out)!


17. Promise

“What the hell?” I say loudly.

Jake cups his hand over my mouth and I instinctively bite it. He pulls his hand away and I speed walk over to my table. Before I even make it a foot away, he pulls me back. I’m sure my friends are watching every move. Sure enough, Meg comes over.

“Get away creep!” Meg yanks me back. I feel like I’m in the middle of a game of tug-of-war.

“We’re just trying to talk.” Jake lies.

“Not anymore,” Meg says to Jake, “Come on Bri.”

I walk with Meg back to our table where Trish and Jayde are staring at me. I really was afraid of Jake. The way he just took me by surprise, yanking me away, covering my mouth with his hand, it scared me what he was capable of. And those things were in front of people. I couldn’t imagine what he would do if we were alone. Jake isn’t the same Jake I knew two days ago. He’s different, aggressive.

“Thanks.” I tell Meg.

“No problem. Just promise me you’ll stay away from Jake, he’s sketchy. Okay?” Meg stares at me until I answer.

“Promise.” I state looking back at her.

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