He Said Hi

The sequel to "He Said Bye" is finally here! Ever since Bridgett's boyfriend, Ryder moved to New York, she has been conflicted as to whether she should move on or not. She finally moves on to a guy she liked. His name is Jake, and he is very sweet and nice. Bridgett knows that he isn't as good as Ryder, but she still wants to move on. Then, something happens that will change Bridgett's relationships drastically. Conflict will arise and Bridgett will have to decide... (read the book to find out)!


35. Only Us

Dinner was great. We had some laughs, and we made fun of each other like usual. Then I found my window of opportunity to bring up the plus one to New York.

“I'm sad that you couldn't go Jayde. I'll have to deal with Zander now I guess.” Meg joked, giving Zander a little wink.

“It’s going to be so fun in New York Trish! I can't believe your parents said yes!” I shouted out before thinking.

I glanced at Ryder who looked sad. He looked so disappointed. I felt my heart break a little, and knew I had to talk to him alone. I knew it was obvious what my intentions were when I said it, but I talked anyway. I said, “Ryder, could you come with me for a second please?”

Without saying anything, Ryder scooted out of the booth and followed me outside. It was a little chilly and I didn't bring my jacket. Ryder, being the gentleman he is, slipped his jacket off and put it around me. It wasn't that the jacket itself was warm, but it was the fact that my heart was warm.

“I'm sorry Ryder. I wanted to bring you, but Trish is one of my best friends and I just…” I started crying. Damnet. I hated crying.

“It okay. It'll only be for a little while, and I'll be here when you come back.” Ryder wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close.

I felt a salty tear, dribble down to my mouth. Then I realized that it was a raindrop. I didn't want to go back in though. I wanted to stay out here with Ryder forever. I lifted my head and looked at the falling raindrops suddenly pick up pace.

“We should go in before we get poured on.” Ryder started to open the door for me.

“No. I mean, I just want to stay out here with you for a while.”

“Okay.” Ryder agreed.

Ryder stood by me again, wrapping his arms around me. I was so close to his chest that I could smell his cologne. It smelled bad, but I would do anything to get even closer to him. Then I did get closer to him, the rain was coming down hard, making a violent patter noise on the concrete. Ryder pulled me closer and asked me if I was too cold. I told him that I was just fine. He pulled me closer anyway. Then we lifted me into the air and swung me around as I laughed.

Then he pulled me up so that our eyes were locked into each other’s. I felt like I could stay like that forever. My eyes melted into his. He was a part of me, and he had a part of my heart. As the rain kept pouring down in a roar, our lips slid together like two pieces in a puzzle finding their match. Our lips held together and we stayed that way for what felt like hours.

The kiss broke and we went back inside soaking wet, with huge smile on our faces. I knew that going to New York without Ryder would be hard, but I could it. I had to do it. Not just for myself, not just for Ryder, but I had to do it for us. There was no me and there was no him. There was only an us. And our us would never be broken.


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