He Said Hi

The sequel to "He Said Bye" is finally here! Ever since Bridgett's boyfriend, Ryder moved to New York, she has been conflicted as to whether she should move on or not. She finally moves on to a guy she liked. His name is Jake, and he is very sweet and nice. Bridgett knows that he isn't as good as Ryder, but she still wants to move on. Then, something happens that will change Bridgett's relationships drastically. Conflict will arise and Bridgett will have to decide... (read the book to find out)!


24. Making The LIst

It was Friday and we were supposed to be told if anyone had gotten pulled for the re-auditions. I didn’t expect anything, and hoped that none of my friends, or me, or Cass, would be on the list. They told us the list would be posted at 3:30 in the main hallway. The final bell rang, and before I even went to my locker to get my stuff, I raced to Trish’s locker, then Meg’s, then Jayde’s. I yanked their arms and practically dragged them to the main hallway.

“Oh my god Bri! You know unlikely it is that none of us are on that list? Why are you so anxious?” Meg implied.

“Shut up, just find the list!” I reply smirking.

We search the giant bulletin board for the list. I’m so nervous I can barely function. I force my eyes to keep looking for the list. I don’t see it anywhere. I look at Meg and Trish with exhausted eyes. I would look at Jayde too, but she’s still searching. Then Jayde points to something on the bulletin, but says nothing. Her eyes widen and we rush over to her end of the bulletin board.

There, we see a list. The top of the list reads ‘New York Movie: High School Hell Recall Auditions!’ I scan the list of a hundred names of people from all over the US. It’s in alphabetic order, so I look for the H section. Hally… Heinz… my heart stopped. Herman. Herman, Bridgett. I made the recall auditions. I couldn’t believe it. Before I got too happy, I continued down the list to the next name which was right after mine. Hetzle, Megan. Meg and I both made it! I was happy at first, then realized that it wasn’t a good thing. What if we actually made it to New York for a part in the movie? I would have to leave Ryder.

I pushed the thoughts out of my head and continued to scan the list. There it was, Kholeson, Cass. Ugh! I was mad, but kept scanning. I didn’t see Jayde or Trish on the list and that made me slightly sadder. I didn’t see Zander either, but that didn’t surprise me. Ryder’s name wasn’t there and I began to feel as if a piece of me had been ripped away. I didn’t see anyone else from our school on the list. Three out of one hundred people on the list, were from our school.

I looked at the small print at the bottom of the list I could barely make out what it said. ‘All recalls on the list will be receiving an informative letter in the mail that will need to be read, signed, and brought with you to New York for the re-auditions. Thank you ~Rianni DeSota’

New York. Even for just the recalls, I had to go to New York. This was a nightmare, a disaster! I didn’t want to leave. Most would be thrilled for the opportunity, but I love Ryder, and I don’t want to leave him. I looked over to Meg whose expression I couldn’t quite read; shock, maybe.

“We… We made it to the recall auditions!” Meg shrieks with excitement.

I admit, I was a bit proud of Meg and I, so I shrieked too.

“We’re going to New York!” I said it joyfully, but on the inside, I was breaking.

“Omg! Congrats!” Trish is jumping with joy for us. That was definitely like Trish. Trish was always happy for others no matter if it involved her or not. I liked that about her.

“I promise we’ll send pics and postcards and souvenirs! Eek! This is so awesome!” Meg looked like she was a little kid in a candy store, which was so unlike her.

“I’m so happy for you both! We should celebrate!” Jayde smiled bigger than I’ve ever seen her.

“Thanks, but I want to go talk to Ryder first.” I leave with a smile, but I feel horrible.

“Oh, me too! I’m going to go talk to Zander.” I hear slight disappointment in Meg’s voice.

I kept walking, but before I could even make it halfway to Ryder’s locker, I saw him coming toward me. He noticed me right away and we both walked faster. I squeezed him tightly like a bear hug. It wasn’t the most romantic thing, but Ryder didn’t seem to mind.

“Did you see the list?” Ryder asked, assuming that was why I was hugging him.

I just nodded.

“Who all made it? Anyone from our school?” Ryder pushed me back slightly, not rudely, but just enough so he could see my face.

“Three from our school made it. Cass, duh. Meg made it to the recalls too though!” I didn’t want to say the last name, but I had to, “And uh… I made the recall auditions too.”

“That’s amazing!” Ryder said, then looked at my unhappy face and changed his demeanor, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you excited?”

“I mean, It’s great obviously, but I just… I don’t want to leave you Ryder!” I pull him closer and he strokes my hair.

“I want you to know, that whatever happens, you’ll always be on my mind. Okay? I’m so happy for you Bridgett! You should be happy for yourself too.” Ryder always knows what to say.

I pull back away and change the subject, “Everyone else is going to celebrate. Wanna come?”

“Where to?” Ryder and I start walking back over to Trish and Jayde, and now Zander and Meg are there too.

“I’m not sure.” I reply. Then I turn to Trish and ask, “How are we celebrating?”

“Pizza party at my house!” Trish has clearly thought about this before I even asked.

We all cheer. Too loudly though, because a teacher comes around the corner and shushes us. We all giggle about it and start heading to the parking lot. When we are halfway to the lot, I realize that I left my backpack and homework inside. I tell them I’ll just be a minute. Ryder offers to come with me, but I tell him to just go ahead and I’ll meet them all at Trish’s house.

I go back to my locker and throw my homework into my bag. As I’m walking back out, I see Cass and her popular crew, laughing at the recall auditions list. I speed up, not wanting to even look at Cass. I’m not fast enough though.

“Hey! Come here for a sec.” Cass demands.

“No thanks, I don’t have time in my schedule for bitch drama. Maybe some other time.” I say snarkily.

“I wanted to say congrats on the recall auditions.” Cass replies, and I can’t tell if it’s sarcastic or not.

“You too. Did you give the casting director a lap dance before your audition?” I smile at myself for that comeback.

“Do you know who you’re talking to bitch?” Cass steps closer.

“I know exactly who I’m talking to! I’m talking to the girl who gave Mr. Bettle a lap dance. The girl who is the star of our town for some strange reason. The girl who stole Jake, the guy who almost killed me! The girl who tried to steal Zander from Meg and Ryder from me! I know exactly who I’m talking to. I’m talking to a bitch, who kisses everyone’s ass. Maybe even literally I think.”

The anger comes out in such a force, Cass has no response. She stares at me with a dull expression. She might as well be drooling. I can tell I’ve offended her, and that makes me happy. I know what I said was mean and vicious, but it’s Cass, and she deserved it. I head out to my car, feeling triumphant, invincible. I drive off to Trish’s house, grinning from ear to ear.

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