He Said Hi

The sequel to "He Said Bye" is finally here! Ever since Bridgett's boyfriend, Ryder moved to New York, she has been conflicted as to whether she should move on or not. She finally moves on to a guy she liked. His name is Jake, and he is very sweet and nice. Bridgett knows that he isn't as good as Ryder, but she still wants to move on. Then, something happens that will change Bridgett's relationships drastically. Conflict will arise and Bridgett will have to decide... (read the book to find out)!


27. Executing the Plan

The next day, I dressed to impress and curled my hair and put on more makeup. I had a plan in mind, and I wanted to look my best when I did it. It’s almost time for lunch, but I don’t head down to the cafeteria. Instead, I go to Cass’ locker, hoping to catch her before lunch. I wanted to try to fit in with her, which would be hard to accomplish.

I walked with bounce in my step, and tried to act as ditzy as possible. I was in luck, because Cass was fixing her hair and makeup in her locker mirror. I bounced over to her, practically skipping like a five year old. I felt ridiculous, but this had to be done. I also needed to swallow my pride in order to say some of the things I had to. I called Meg and Trish last night, to get their permission to do this as well. It sort of involved them a little. Meg slightly more than Trish.

“Cass, look I’m sorry about what I said yesterday.” I lied.

“I’m sure you are.” Cass doesn’t look at me, she keeps her eyes on her reflection. Snob.

“I am. I was angry and being really stupid. I should be more like you honestly. You’re pretty,” gulp, “Smart,” bigger gulp, “And you’re so nice to people!” I swallowed a bowling ball. “My point is, you’re really great. Honestly, Meg and Trish are so uptight! Like, omg, chill nerds!” I laughed like a ditzy blonde.

“They are so nerds!” Cass agrees, and I want to punch her. “Like, I guess they’re kind of pretty, but they could use a serious makeover! By the way, I love your makeup.”

“I know right! I love yours too. Hey, before I go to lunch here, I wanted to let you in on a little secret.” I smiled deviously. This is where the plan would really take off.

“Spill!” Hook, line, and ready for the sinker.

“Andrew Wilkinson is going to to wait for you in the handicapped stall in the girl’s bathroom after lunch. He wants to… you know… He wanted someone to ask you, so I guess he told the first person he saw. Which was me. Are you in?” I say this in such a girly voice, even I think someone else is talking through me.

“Andrew Wilkinson?! Senior, Andrew Wilkinson?! Duh, I’m not stupid,” really? I though. “Yeah! Tell him I’ll be there!” Cass runs off giddy. I have her in my trap. I’ve never done anything like this to anyone, so it felt kind of wrong. I just told myself that Cass deserved it though. I needed information, and this is how I was going to get it.

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