Requiem - a poetry collection

A collection of poetry all about different relationships.


5. For My Husband

Running away from the campus in a wasteland,

To a town, hidden for a weekend.

Paper scoured for horoscopes now scoured for homes for four.


A meal spilled on the hob – “I told you so”,

Complaints of the food from the girl living upstairs.

You wouldn’t cook again.

My disapproving brother who eventually backed us all along.


An old ballroom; you don’t dance;

                                                       apart from once. To Ed Sheeran, whom you hate:

     “I’m thinking out loud maybe we found love right where we are.”

The train station we avoid, filled with bittersweet goodbyes and hellos, now only “goodnights” and “see you laters.”

A full bookshelf of read and re-read books, photos of cats – a kitten grown to love. Opposite to what you knew.

Secrets in our school years that’s could’ve broken us; doesn’t matter. It made us stronger.

Desserts shared: more yours than mine, especially when chocolate.

Like the end of the endless train journeys,

We’re now in the town that keeps taking us back.


You’re the man that waited for me,

My poem on a postcard,

My song, my original, my only.

My form filled in: “partner.”, “engaged.”

Now “married.” Our name change.

You’re my something unsolved,

Solved with a single question, a ring, an “I will.”

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