Unexpected love- a Dramione Fanfic

After the wizarding war everyone is invited back to redo their seventh year and Hermione and Draco are head boy and girl. Everyone is resorted, will there be a bit of love between our main characters

Later on this will get to some more grownup content, enjoy


9. the wedding

As Harry walked me down the aisle I just looked at Draco and knew I was ready for this

suddenly, a spell hit me and I fainted.

I woke to find myself strapped to a bed with Draco over me and he spoke and said 'hello Hermione I see you have awoke I have been so worried'

I could see by the look of worry in his face he was not lying

'where am I, why am I strapped down and shouldn't we be getting married? I asked him scared.

'now Hermione I will tell you as ling as you don't freak out, you are at Malfoy manor in my room you are strapped down because one you kept trying to hurt yourself and two I thought we could enjoy ourselves and we are already married you were shot with spell a minute after we got married.' said Draco

'I umm, I don't understand though who shot me?' I asked.

'Weasel' he said.

'ok, well um what day is it'

'Wednesday you were out for 12 days.' he spoke quietly

'ok well then umm I have one thing to say.....' 


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