Unexpected love- a Dramione Fanfic

After the wizarding war everyone is invited back to redo their seventh year and Hermione and Draco are head boy and girl. Everyone is resorted, will there be a bit of love between our main characters

Later on this will get to some more grownup content, enjoy


5. It's ready

at Breakfast I sat on his lap and ate with him and snogged him every now and then until McGonagall walked up to us and spoke

'Ahh I see you are umm friends with your partner now then, your umm common room is ready and I have to ask would you like a room each or would you like to share so you can umm, well see each other more often and make better friends?'

'we would like to have separate conjoined rooms with a king-sized bed each please Professor' Draco said.

'ok and one more thing the two of you are excused from classes today so feel free to do what you want and I would like to see the both of you this evening at 8pm sharp, is that ok?' asked McGonagall.

'yes headmistress' we spoke in unison.

we walked to our common room and decided on a password and we called it 'lovers den', so now we had the whole day we decided to go into the common room to see it and found our rooms were ready, we had 2 rooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and a lounge type thing.

we locked the common room and decided to do some decorating and after about 2 hours we had transformed it into and Silver and Green paradise and decided to eat in the common room with what we had in the kitchen and we could always send a message to the elves to teleport more food up.

after eating we went into Draco's room and began to have sex and before we knew it, it was 7:30

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