MISFORTUNE LOVE (I hate you girl )

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  • Published: 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Mar 2018
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It is the story about Boy name Ray and girl name shiori. Ray is average high school Boy who doesn't care about what's going on around him. He simply ignores the bothering issues. He also hate stuff like love, girls and friendship because of his horrible past. Because of his hot head and short height he was teased by everyone in school until he met a girl name shiori in library. Shiori always reading books in library everyday after class. She has a power to seek the people's bad future or misfortune. She became pain for him because of that power but soon after he get attach with her and he's life begin to change.


6. Sickness and truth, can you handle this

Today is Sunday that means holiday. On that day all the peoples do only one thing rest. I also plan to sit back and relax. But my phone is ringing and after I pick and say, "Hello! Who's talking"but when I heard the voice then I quickly understand this is nothing but a another disaster. Because,on the phone the person is non other than shiori.

Now I am going to shiori's place, why? It's simple because she is sick right now but I am thinking why she asked me and where's her parents. Her home is little larger than my home. So I ring the bell and after that shiori open the door but when I see her she is like any second she will collapse. So I take her to room and measure her temperatures with thermometer. I was shocked because the temperature was about to 80 degree Celsius. I said, "you idiot what are you doing until now, your temperature is so high". I place wet cloth on her forehead. And she said, "ray I am going to die due to this sickness, so now you can confess your feeling". I reply, "I guess you right, so here we go". When I said that she get little blush. I said to her ,"shiori you're the only person which I hate most. So you are satisfy now".

 After when I said that she get little disappointed but whatever, love with her that's only possible in after life not in this life. Now back to business I asked her, "so tell me where's your parents I can't see them, did they gone on business trip". She says, "no I am living here alone my parents live in my real home, this place is just rented". Hearing that I get shocked. This big place just rented, her parents must be rich. I ask her, "why do you chose to study in this city". She reply, "that's because if I stay close to my old friends and family that means there's possibility I will see their misfortune". So that's why she decided to live here on her own. It must be hard for her. I called the doctor and he gave me advice that she needs plenty of rest and some medicine. And after that I decided to make dinner for her so I call my mom and say, "hey mom, I'll be late today so please don't worry about me". My mom understands I am helping someone so she said, "please take care yourself and come back home safely OK". I said to her OK and hung up the phone. Now I am going to dinning room so just we eat our dinner. She try one of my cooking and said, "it's not too bad". That means she thinking it's bad . I glare at her and said, " sorry I am not good cook just like you". She asked a question, "how do you know I can cook I never told you". I reply, "that's pretty obvious there are not any servants, that's why you call me and I already see your lunch box." she reply, "that's one way put it".  After hearing her reply it looks like she has another reason for calling me, but I can't figure it out what's that it, well let's not thinking too much. After she said, "ray I saw another vision about you". I desperately ask, "what you saw". She reply, "don't worry, it's just nothing critical".

Well this is a first time, she is not wanna to tell me about my misfortune. The moment when I tell her  "come on tell me" then suddenly a cockroach is appear on shiori's leg and she get scare  because of that she start scream and accidentally she turn all table on me. When she get calm down then I said to her, "so that's my misfortune isn't it". She reply with down head, "ah.. Yeah". Now I will get little late to go home because my all clothes become mess. Until my cloths get dry I have to stay here little longer in under a towel because of that I feel little embarrass. For one hours we continued play cards game and you know what I lost 20 times. I don't understand, is she master of card game?. After while I said OK let's stop this game. She said, "why? It's because you can't win". "no it's because I have to leave" I said to her and started to leave but suddenly she said to me from behind, "wait! Could.. you please wait a little longer here". I get confused and said, "why? You know it's getting late for me". Seeing her like that I feel little anxious I was hoping she is OK then she walk at me and say, "hey ray! I wanna to tell you something". On that time my heart was pounding fast, I don't know what will I say. But I have to said something so I said, "hey! What it is? are you feeling OK or shall I call doctor again?" after she grab my shoulder with her both hand and then She said, "ray listen! I like you for a long time, will... You go out with me". After hearing those words my heart rate increases, I don't know what should I say I get flustered. Words are not coming from my mouth then suddenly she begins to start laughing without holding back and I don't understand why is she laughing?. Then Shiori start explain it to me, according to her that was merely a joke nothing else and she wants to know about my expression if I heard this. She said it was hilarious and I should see my face in the mirror. But the way she act, it was so painful for me. It just like she's saying no matter what i became for her, I am just and only laughing stock. A short height good for nothing  clown . I get mad and

 I told her with rage, " hey! What were you trying to pull earlier tell me? Am I just clown to you, a thing so you can laugh at me whenever you like huh".

Shiori reply with guilty face , "Ray sorry!  I was just..."

I said at mid of her talk, "I done.. to worry about you and to think you and I are same and friends but in the end you are just like all of them who making fun of me because they have everything like looks, love, friends and support of others. Although you are popular Princess of school so you can have anyone and anytime in school instead of me right ".

Right after I went home but I feel bad about what I said.Because of what I said she was almost crying but I ignore her like I used to be. Next day on school every day after class I used to go library for meeting her and I was always keep my distance but she wasn't but from now on it was over I have no longer intention of seeing her and also when I see her i ignore her like I used to do. Everyday I straight go home but some times tsukishima with me. We often walk home together but tsukishima is little annoying, he speak too much that I can't handle. Whenever I walk with him we both get gossips because of me but in spite of all that he still stick with me like he was said.

It's almost one month pass but neither i said a single word to her nor I she just like old times. But I know she still going in library and reading books after class. One day class president of A class came to me after class and says, "hey ray! Did something happens with Shiori." I reply to her like I don't care, "why are you asking to me? It's not like she and I are friends or anything". Class president say, "is that true? But at once  she told me you are her friend and when I ask her today about you she still saying you are her only friend and she didn't need anyone in class. But I always seeing her depressed in class".  After hearing that I get shocked she still thinking me as friend. In return I said to her, "sorry! But it was only imagination of her. I have nothing to do with her now." After said that I left school with tsukishima. Tsukishima talking to me continuously but I was thinking about what shiori think. Then I ask tsukishima a question," hey tsukishima! Tell me something, if I get mad at you and I said I  will never talk to you again so what would you do? "" why are you asking that? something happened? "he question to me. And I said," hurry up and give me  your answer".  Tsukishima gave answer to me, "if that ever happen, probably I will sad first but I will never hate you instead I will trying to win your heart again".  I give him response, "wait, you will what? But why will you doing this". Tsukishima says, "it's because you are good person so how can I let you go and also we were friends so I want that friendship forever because that what it means to be a friend."   when he give me that answers my heart moved but I asked him another question, "what if I am your only friend in school and gone somewhere you can't reach me so then? ". Tsukishima answer me, "if that happens I will still cherish that friendship on rest of my life and hoping someday we will friends again because no matter how much water collect dirt on in, it can still extinguishes the flame".

After hearing those words I understand why she's still considering me as a friend. I said tsukishima, "thanks buddy! But you have to go without me". "wait  Buddy... Where are you going? ", tsukishima asked question. I reply to him," because I left someone in school so I have to catch her".  After said that I rush over to school as soon as I can. The moment when I got there I saw shiori to leaving school. I go there and when I see her's shoe locker then I remembered that's the same shoe locker what I protected from ino and other two girl. She was just taking out her shoe from that locker then I understand it's her shoe locker. after knowing that I just said, "hey wanna go home together". And she said yes without express any feeling on face.

On the way home we both walking alone without talking to each other. Then I take my chance and say,

"hey shiori! I wanna to say, I am sorry. I just said too much on that day. To tell you the truth  I was thinking if i Change myself in high school into the disgusting person then that way I will never be able to hurt or betray by others like the last time. But that way it just make me alone and pitiful. Because of that I hurt you so sorry. Will you forgive me and become my friend again, I don't care if you are a misfortune teller or misfortune for me I am still wanna to friends with you again".

Shiori says, "I will,  but only one conditions, if you are promise me that you will not change yourself ".

I asked, "why? If I stay like this that mean all I do is nothing but lie."

Shiori said, "no ray you're wrong. The person you used to be is lie and the current you is real you. Don't to you get it, you were always betray by other it's because you weren't honest with them. You keep trying to get attention from them with your false personality. But in high school you became independent and reliable and those persons who approach you is not because they were liar, it's because they saw, you are a good person. They became friends with you because it's you not some false personality of yours. Like tsukishima approach you because he saw that you are good person. So that's why don't Change yourself stay like this".

I say to her , "is that so huh..  OK I will do that as long as you stay with me".

Hearing such complement is make me realize my life is already change. it's not only because of my personality but also because  I met her. I feel happy right now so I show her my smile and in return she also show me her as well. But she also said on that time "ray I wanna to tell you something important". I don't know what she wanna to tell but I said "OK what it is".

She says, "ray I am in love with you, will you go out with me".

First when I heard, it get me shocked again but then I said, "are you teasing me again, if that's it so drop it".

I thought she was joking again but this time she is serious and we both are alone there so that was perfect opportunity to confess. But when I said you are joking then she said, "it's not". So I asked, "why and when you feel that way". So she reply to me,

"you see I was already received whole school letter in first year but I never accepted those letter you know the reason why? But I also have other reason."

She has another reason huh, I don't know what it is but I want to know so I ask her to tell me. So she reply.

"the reason is I am already in love with someone else. "

Then again it get me confused so I say," wait a minute first you said you in love with me and now you telling me you already in love with someone. "

Shiori says," no silly! On that time and now the person I am in love with is you ray".

I says with confusion, "what...  How can you love me when you don't even know me on that time".

She gave me answer, "do you remember high school opening ceremony. On that time everyone gather and making a friend with each other, of course they were talking to me as well but you already know why I couldn't friend with them. On that time I accidentally see someone face and that person was you. I saw nobody talking to you but still you don't look depressed on that time even it's hurt you inside. Soon after I only see your face and I also saw each person making fun of you but still you never be angry on them, you took all poison with fake smile. That's give me courage to move forward with those curse power. Soon after I was keep watching you and fell in love. I also wanted to talk to you but every time I was thinking then after I got scare. Because I saw you never showed any interest in people. When I got whole bunch love letter I was just only searching your letter on it but I couldn't find it, so i gave up. Then one day you save my shoe locker and I was just watching you from behind and when you turn on me, I ran and more fall in love with you. I couldn't stop loving you and others day you came to library for returning my book. On that time I was so happy and I saw a vision of your. So you know all about me. Okay ray tell me now, do you like me or not ".

So that's her story huh. I don't even know there is someone who loves me. From the very beginning I thought she was teasing me but she is the one who was confessing to me in indirect way. So for her sake I have to be honest. Then I say

" listen shiori, thank you for telling me but you know what I am pathetic guy but you still love me, so I will be honest with you, you see in spite your love I am still saying I hate you but from now on, it is OK if I confess to you, I mean... I wanna to say, I love you, so will you go out with me".

When I said that she was crying of joy  and I know why because that's what she wants to all along. Now I am seeing her smile and her feelings in her face. She says, "yeah.. I will go out with you". And then she hug me like she wants to in her dream and she say

"hey ray! When you grown up "she said with smile face.

" but your the one who's crying,  silly ", I said.


                                                           THE       END



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