MISFORTUNE LOVE (I hate you girl )

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  • Published: 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Mar 2018
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It is the story about Boy name Ray and girl name shiori. Ray is average high school Boy who doesn't care about what's going on around him. He simply ignores the bothering issues. He also hate stuff like love, girls and friendship because of his horrible past. Because of his hot head and short height he was teased by everyone in school until he met a girl name shiori in library. Shiori always reading books in library everyday after class. She has a power to seek the people's bad future or misfortune. She became pain for him because of that power but soon after he get attach with her and he's life begin to change.


5. Competition! Can you solve puzzle

Today I am here eating lunch with my worst enemy. That's right her name is shiori matoa. Well I also have lunch just other day and I get so many gossips about you know my height, looks and other stuff. Seriously become a short height is really a crime, oh god and on the other hand so many Boys came to shiori just for a little chat on that day. She is really popular but she couldn't face them because of his power so therefore she brought me with her. I  wonder she likes someone or not, so I ask her, "hey shiori! Do you ever like someone in your life". Asking such question  made me little blush but I  ask her because of curiosity not like I am interested in her. Although she is just like sea Princess. "well do you Still want to ask me out? " she said without expression like always. "tell me! when did I start liking you in the first place? " I said with angry face. I am starting to think again when she stop teasing me. She gave me explanation about his love, "just you know I already received a love letter", when I heard that I was shocked but then I realized she is a popular so ask her, "so do you accept in? ". She said, "I received whole schools love letter, which should I pick when I don't even know who is this guy because I ignore whole school and the reason you already know". After hearing that I understand why can't she accept a letter so I ask a question for general knowledge, "I can't believe it but, is there anyone who never send a letter to you? ". She reply starring at me, "that's pretty obvious it was you".

Well that's true so I can assume that she had no one special in past nor in present but what about future, I  hope she will find someone who will stick with her.

After finish school I was planning to go home but I saw someone lying on last bench in deep sleep. I was usually ignore that but this time I went there and said, "hey! class was finished half hour ago so please go back to home". When I saw a close look she was my class topper and puzzle champion of school. She has a long black hair and black eye. And she totally look like a model but she has a harsh personality. Her name is yuki. When she wakes, she ask me, "oh!  It's you, good for nothing shrimp,  tell me what you want? ". Thanks for compliment, I am wondering peoples will die if they ever call me by my real name. "I am saying it's already late and it's first time you sleep here at that late.", I reply. Yuki said, "I was studying at last night so that's why it was happen". She gave me explanation but her voice like little off, I wonder why? so I said to her with suspicious look, "study requires a brain not loud voice and it looks like you were study with loud voice. Are sure you were studying.. or may be singing."In response, her tongue slip, "what....  Are saying? of course I was studying". When she flip his tongue I got my answer  so I said with confident look, "so you were singing yesterday.""are you some kind of detective " she said.  " no just shirmpy", I replied that and go to the library where shiori is waiting for me. Waiting for me I guess so. I tell shiori about why I got late and how rude that Yuki were.

Next day when I arrived in class everyone got there serious look, I don't know why then tsukishima came to me and said, "hey ray! Thank God you came". I asked him, "what's going on why they are so serious ". He reply, "look on black board". Tsukishima said someone wrote a puzzle on black board and nobody knows an answer even our class topper don't know. That's so weird our class topper and puzzle champion doesn't know the answer so I read the puzzle.

"a  towel which can never be dry even when you try to dry it in sunlight "  solve it if you can.

After reading this I became puzzle but it hard to believe a towel which always get wet even in sunlight. Such a thing doesn't exist. I bet all peoples thinking about a towel but only few peoples thinking differently and I was one of them. I know that such thing doesn't exist so may be it referring something else.  I thought something similar to that and I said to my class, "could it be tongue"when I said the whole class laughing at me and said" are you stupid ". I also put fake smile on my face. I just give that answer randomly but then someone said from behind," that is correct answer ". When I turn the person was non other than shiori. Every Boy in my class get fluster when they see shiori even Tsukishima. Yuki came out and said to shiori that," how's that correct answer ". shiori give answer to her," according to puzzle there's no such thing is exist so that means something else other than towel it pointed. So the correct answer is tongue if you don't believe then you can do a practical on your tongue". I don't know why shiori doing this, so I silently speak in her ears, "what are you doing". "teaching this topper a lesson ", shiori said. It looks like what I said at yesterday she thinks Yuki got too much attitude which is unfortunately true but seriously she is trying to take her on just for that and what about her powers. Yuki said with angry face," are you telling me that shrimpy is better than me?""without a doubt", shiori replied. After that I discover shiori wasn't trying to take her on, she was trying to set me up with battle. I said to shiori, "stop it now. Don't push her button". Suddenly yuki started angry and said to me, "fine let's have a match after class ray". It looks like without get invitation I get myself involve in another disaster, oh god save me.

After school everyone gather for watching a match between me and Yuki and it's all thanks to shiori . Really I hate her, now what, looks like I have to play a match. I will play but I will finish it quickly by losing this. That way Yuki will let me go and never bother me again. Before the start Yuki tell me, "listen ray you have to play seriously OK". I reply, "yeah..  OK". Yuki show me some thing and said, "if you win then you will get this and if you lose I will burn it". After seeing it closely what it is, I shouted on Yuki, "hey.. But... that's my test paper, how do you get this?" shiori said, "I had a thought you will lose on purpose so I suggest her that method and Tsukishima help her out to take that". "why...  You "I grinned on her. " that way you will do your best and if you win then yuki will  date you", Tsukishima said. "what? That's not in our agreement", yuki said to Tsukishima. "shut up! just back my paper after I win that's what I want,  nothing else", I said. Before that shiori came to me and said, "ray I saw another vision". I asked, "who's gonna be fall and how tell me". She said, "it was yuki. on stairs while she's running". 

I can only assume that if she manage to reach 3rd puzzle that means she wasn't fall until then after that I have to keep eye on her and try to stop that accident before it happen. Because the final puzzle will lead us as same destination after all. even if I have to lose this game. But I hope she will not falling until 2 puzzle. If that happens I won't be able to do anything for her . After that shiori gave me good luck and match is about to start.

I don't know if I can win or not but I was also big fan of Sherlock Holmes so I was always read puzzle stuff so I guess I might have a  chance. Here it is bell start and we take our first puzzle. She understands that puzzle in an instant and she already run into next one. I have to do it quickly. Here it is, 

"the place where sun is rises and sun goes down at our will."

I also understand that puzzle quickly and the answer is science lab. So I go there as soon as I can. Now I got second puzzle in science lab that means I was right. I read second puzzle,

"the place where you can see two blue sky up and down. If you want answers so go bottom of that. "

After  thinking over it I got answer and the answer is swimming pool. I rush over there and take 3rd puzzle which is held in bottom of the pool. I open that and read that final puzzle,

" I hope you glad because this is a final round find the voice which you hear everyday, ring that voice which holds your victory. And it can hear only on top most position. "

That is easy because it mentions topmost position that means roof and there are a old bell  so that's what it means. I rush over there and I saw Yuki in front of me and she seems fine that means everything is alright until now that means place where she falls is right at my nose. I have to run right behind her so I can save her. We both start running and I was behind her but accidentally I came close to her and she push me side and because of that she lost her balance and she got fell. I tried to reach her but she fell on stairs and get hurt . I said, "dammit..". I go back to check on her, when I see her it was nothing but a scratch on her hand. I said, "are you OK". Yuki said, "I am OK, just stand a side, I will not loss to dump like you whose test scores below than me".

Even she got hurt still she look down on someone who get low scores. How can anyone look down on someone who doesn't get better score, I will not forgive them so I have to win this game. While she running on stairs I remember that puzzle line. It says," ring the voice which I hear everyday ". And that's not the bell we hear everyday, the bell we hear everyday is school bell. I quickly rush on that bell and  rang it after she rang roof bell. As a result I won that game. Probably we both thinking that last puzzle was easy but things wasn't same as we thought. While everyone giving me congratulations because I won against champion there Yuki came and ask with angry face , "tell me how you can win against me when your test scores are so low? " I give her honest answer, "test scores are just a number which can show how much study  we did or how much marks we want. It can't tell how talented that person is . So don't look down on other just because those have bad scores". After Yuki said, "I understand now, sorry for earlier push and congratulations".

It looks like she get it what I wanna to tell. Although I never able to stop her's misfortune. When I  see shiori, she said with little smile, "congratulations". Well it was her ideas so I should be mad at her but seeing her smile from the first time make me forget what she did. Well I wonder how much chaos I have to handle. Whatever is but I feel happy right now,  a lot happier than I used to be.

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