MISFORTUNE LOVE (I hate you girl )

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  • Published: 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2016
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It is the story about Boy name Ray and girl name shiori. Ray is average high school Boy who doesn't care about what's going on around him. He simply ignores the bothering issues. He also hate stuff like love, girls and friendship because of his horrible past. Because of his hot head and short height he was teased by everyone in school until he met a girl name shiori in library. Shiori always reading books in library everyday after class. She has a power to seek the people's bad future or misfortune. She became pain for him because of that power but soon after he get attach with her and he's life begin to change.


1. Boy meets a girl

Early in the morning someone call me from out side of my door "Ray if you don't wanna late so get up already, your breakfast is almost ready". Oh.. That's my mom. Hellow my name is ray kurosaki and I am 16 year old average high school Boy, OK may be my height doesn't match my age, so what. We shouldn't judge peoples by their looks and height. But most of the people don't  think that way. That same goes to me. You know I don't like much things including love of course. Why I can explain that.

Two couples fighting in house and throwing stuffs on each other.

You see those two were once a lover but now they don't trust on each other. Those two elope from home and now their life's became hell. See what I mean in this world love is just a tool which can ruine peoples life so don't go near it. That's not only reason I was also in love in middle school but she shut me down pretty badly. She show me how miserable I am then ever since that day I hate girls and love. I simply ignore that.

Ray enter in high school. Someone call him.

"hey shorty what's up ", someone said to Ray.

He's one of my fans. That guy I don't know but he is in my class and with some other guys he always call me by that name and I just say " yeah I am good", I said with no expression.

This is my life and it's pretty normal to me. I am in second year B class. If you think I have lots of friends then I must say you are wrong. In middle school they are just using me as a tool in the name of friendship. Since  middle school those so called friends teased me by calling me shrimp but even so I did everything I could to help them but in the end they leave me alone. Since then I decided to live my life my own and I will never depends on other no matter what.

 "Haa! Another boring day", I said to myself.

After seating chart in chair some call the ray.

"hey ray! How are you", tsukishima says.

"yeah! I am good", I said.

His name is Tsukishima.  School baseball team star player. He is smart, cool, nice, and good looking too and he's the only one who doesn't call me shrimp or shorty. But that doesn't mean he and I are friends. I just only have small talk with him and now he busy with buddies. If he receives any love letter from girl then I wouldn't be surprised because that's the nature of world. After school finish all peoples in my class was already gone home except for me, the moment when I am ready to leave some bunch of girls appear for their own selfish reason. One of girl came with letter and says "excuse..  me! Could you please give this to tsukishima". After seeing her I can tell she has crush on tsukishima but I can't do things like that because you already know. So I said, "sorry but I am not his friends so do me a favor and leave me alone." after when I said those words she kind look like any moment she will cry. So I say "why don't you put this on his shoe looker, he's out on practice so if you do then after practice he will receive your letter." After said that she became cheerful person and she says "thank you very much". But without any single word said take my leave. Don't get me wrong I just only suggested them because I don't want to let them bother me ever again so I said those words. When I get down to my shoe looker I see some people. Those are 3 bunch of girls from A class and it looks like they are planning to harassing someone by messing his shoe looker. I hide myself behind the wall and got some latest news from them.

"hey Ino! how long we will gonna do this? ", girl one said to Ino

" until she's give up and leave this school ", Ino said to girl one.

" that will teach her what's gonna happen if she messing with us". Girl two said to Ino.

After hear that conversation I got clear view.  "so those girls want to someone  leave the school and In order to do that they will keep doing this nonsense until she leaves! Very interesting but it's not my business to be enter" , I said to myself with convince look. So I grab my shoe and walk like I never saw them. The moment when i step outside from the main gate my legs become freeze and the next thing i know my legs moving back in school, i don't know whats happening to me and i don't care either. I get there as soon as possible and let myself hide behind the wall. After that i was thinking what should i do, sudden in flash i get an idea and i open my mobile for recording to that nonsense.when i got finished recording then i go there and tell

"would you care to explain what are you doing? or let me guess your messing someone else shoe locker.",i question them.

"nothing...." ino said to me with frighten face.

"let me guess your messing somebodies shoe locker.",i explain them.

"no that's not it you see this is my locker and i am hiding my bubble gum in it",ino said to me.

after here those lines i started to go there in order to prove that they are liar.I looked inside the locker and say.

"if this is your locker so tell me why your home shoe in there? as matter of fact you already wearing a home shoe. " after said that I show them video what I make earlier. When they see that they became quit frighten and in split second ino took my phone in flash and say,"Haa... If i break this then what you gonna do?"

" well I will download that video from my email and leak that video in Internet so whole world will knows what kind of person you're and I also charges for my mobile too that's it"i say with confident look.

"what.... That means ", ino said with fear.

" that's right I already sent this video on my email ", I said.

Hearing this ino gave me back my phone and I said in return" how about I show this video to your teacher and parents that way you will rusticate and that means you will taste your own medicine, how's that sound "I said with faint smile.

" what do you want from us?" Ino asked question.

"only one thing leave that person alone and never bother him ever again you got it "I said with angry face.

After that they left without saying any single word. When I looked into locker I saw few spots filled with gum," jeez... I should told them to clean this mess before leave. Well it can't be helped now isn't it. "I said to myself with boring tone. From that time I was thinking why would I do that? But deep down i was relieved because of not I save someone it's because nobody's there that way it will keep a secret.  Of course I don't want to become a hero. When I done thinking that then suddenly I sense someone watching  me but when I turn around, I just only manage to hear a voice of footsteps which is going away from me. After hear that I just ignore it and head back to home. In night time I was still thinking why my legs moved back, I don't know his name or face so why did I helped someone like him, may be I know the answer but I don't wanna except it. Next day on school I see that locker became safe again and now with that satisfaction I attain my boring classes. Like always I'm going home after class, when all students gone home already. When I reached my locker then I realized something.

"ohhh,  I forgot, to return my book "I say and move towards on library.

When I open the door I see nobody in there,"hello anybody here ", when I said that then that time I saw someone in library. That person I don't know but she's a girl and she is reading a book. When I saw her it looks like I am watching a goddess who came from sea. A goddess who has blue shiny eye with dark blue hair. On that moment it feels like time was froze because I was became statue on that spot after saw her. And after that my life begin to move in different direction.


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