StepBrother// MC

Ali's Parents have been Divorced since she was 6 So have her worst enemies Parents Michael What happens when ali's mum and michaels dad have been seeing each other for over 2 years without them knowing and now there getting married?


4. Chapter four (CONTAINS SWEARING)


Michaels pov (didn't see that coming did you)


"Oh My God" Ali says 

i just stand there in complete shock, alis mum has been seeing my dad... What the fuck 

"come in" Miss Lewis says 

we enter the house and go sit at the dining table 

"I can't fucking believe this" i mumble I'm sat next to ali so she no doubt heard it 

"same" she mumbled

"so ali what age are you" my dad asks her 

"im 17 almost 18" she replies 

"Ahh so your around the same age as Michael" he says

"dad we are in the same year at school so we know each other" i say

"really, how come you didn't mention?" he asked me 

then just before i answer miss lewis walks in thank god 

she places four stakes in the middle of the table 

"Thank you Miss Lewis" i say 

"Oh please call me Mia" she says 

"okay"i say 

she sits down and we all take our stake, potato, ect 

"So Michael tell me about yourself"

"Well I'm 17 and I'm in a band" i reply to her question

"really whats your band called?"

" 5 Seconds Of Summer we do covers and stuff on youtube"



"we have something to tell you two" my dad and mia say in unison

"we have been seeing each other for 2 years" they say

"really, why didn't you tell us" me and Ali say 

"we weren't sure when to tell you guys"

"but thats not all"

"We are Getting married and moving in together"

"WHAT" me and ali scream



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