StepBrother// MC

Ali's Parents have been Divorced since she was 6 So have her worst enemies Parents Michael What happens when ali's mum and michaels dad have been seeing each other for over 2 years without them knowing and now there getting married?


10. chapter 9

Ali's POV


"I thought About what you said the other night" I said without looking up 

"Yeah.." He said with a slight worried tone in it 

"Im super confused because sometimes I really like you and sometimes I despise you" I said with a little laugh

"Okay, But why do you despise me?" he said 

"Sometimes your an annoying basterd" I said

"Okay, so your saying if I stop being an annoying basterd you will like me?" 

"Yeah but I still have a gut feeling its wrong but i'll give it a go if you stop being annoying" i said 

"Omg yes thank you thank you thank you!" he said picking me up to hug him since I'm like a foot smaller than him

after he put me down the bell went signalling that Period One was about to start (AN: Idk if other schools call classes Periods but my school does) and then I walked to Period One feeling very happy because of how well that went.


Michaels POV

I walked back over to Luke since he was in period one with me feeling very fucking happy because she was giving me a chance. Luke had this smirk on his face which tolled me he saw us hugging

"Dude what did she say that made you hug her?" he asked 

"she said she was going to give me a chance" i said happily 

"so your going to ask her out soon or are you already dating?" he said with that smirk on his face once again 

"no were not dating but i will ask her out soon"I said as we entered period one 





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