StepBrother// MC

Ali's Parents have been Divorced since she was 6 So have her worst enemies Parents Michael What happens when ali's mum and michaels dad have been seeing each other for over 2 years without them knowing and now there getting married?


13. Chapter 12

ali's POV


As we got in the car I started thinking 'whats gonna happen when we all move in together'' is it gonna be hard to keep us a secret' and 'what about if our parents find out'

"Mike" I said


"see when you move in how hard do you think its gonna be to keep is a secret?"

"Pretty hard, but if it gets to hard were gonna need to tell them"

"yeah" I said


As we pulled up at a house which I assumed it was one of the boys houses we got out. As soon as I stepped out of the car mike took my hand as i reached him. He walked up to the garage door and knocked on it and Ashton opened it.

"Hey dude Hey ali" Ashton said 

"hey ashton" Me and mike said at the same time. I dont think he noticed our hands joined together because he hadent questioned it.

"Hey guys" Mike said to the boys

"Hey Michael and Ali" they said

"Hey" I said, the have not even noticed our hands yet. mike let go of my hand and went off to get his guitar. then they started practicing teenage dirtbag


"you guys are amazing!" I said 

"Thank you" all the boys said and then the continued to practice


"guys I have something to tell you" Michael said

"Okay?"they all said questionably 

"Me and ali are dating" then he walked over to me and grabbed my hand and kissed me then hugged me

"FINALLY" all the boys said happily

after us all talking for a bit michael took me home


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