StepBrother// MC

Ali's Parents have been Divorced since she was 6 So have her worst enemies Parents Michael What happens when ali's mum and michaels dad have been seeing each other for over 2 years without them knowing and now there getting married?


12. Chapter 11

Alis POV


Its now the end of the day so i walked out of my class and towards the main entrance to meet Alice. As I was standing there I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind.

"Hey Al" I heard them say and I knew right Away it was mike 

"hey mike" i said with my head against his chest 

"you should come to mine and I'll drop you home on my way back from band practice"

"Yeah sure let me text Alice" I said 

Me- Hey hun! Im going over to Michaels now so Im not getting the bus home x

Alice- Okay don't have to much fun (or use protection);) x

Me- Shut up x

"Okay she knows" I said and Michael took my hand and dragged me to his car 

I took my seat in the passenger's side of the car and I started thinking that we already act like we are dating.

Michael sat down in the car and started driving. About 5 minutes in to the drive All time Low Missing you came on the radio and i started humming it.

"You like All Time Low!" Michael almost screamed 

"yeah!" I said 

then we started singing it.


We arrived at michaels house then i realised i forgot to text my mum so I did


Me- Im at Michaels house if you need me.

Mum- Your grounded get home.

Me- Fine...

"Mike can you drive me home im grounded remember" i said really annoyed

"yeah sure" he said and picked up his keys 



"Thanks mike" I said about to get out the car 

"wait, I want a hug" He said 

so I hugged him then left and walked to my door

"HOME MUM"I shouted 

"IN THE LIVING ROOM" she shouted back

so I walked in and said 

"Im sorry for acting like a brat the other night" 

"Its okay Honey" she said and stood up and hugged me 

"but look on the bright side me and Michael get along now" I said happily

"True" she said 

"whens his dad moving in?" I asked

"Oh hun its not just his dad moving in Michaels moving in too"

"Okay but when"

"In two days" she said

"Okay" I said trying to hide the fact i was happy michael was moving in

I walked through to the kitchen and got something to eat then went upstairs and text michael


Me- You didnt tell Me you were moving in too xx

Michael x- Yeah aha I forgot xx

Me- im so bored rn xx

Michael x- Sneak out and come to band parctice with me? xx

Me- Im not sure what if i get caught xx

Michael x- You wont trust me xx

Me- Okay fine xx

 after about 5 minutes there was banging on my room window so i turn round and see pebbles being throwing at it which meant Mike was hear. So I opened it and he whisper shouted 

"Jump, Ill catch you"


so i did i jumped and landed safely in his tattooed arms

he kept holed of me and smiled at me. After he put me down we were walking to his car when he went 

"Al can I ask you a question" 

"Yeah" I said 

"Will You Be My Girlfriend" he said shyly

"Yes" and I hugged him so tightly

"Just dont mention it to our parents because i dont want to ruin them"

"Okay I wont"


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