I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Riley Hicks is a different type of teenage girl. She wants to fit in, but no one likes her. To get through the day of torture she suffers at school, she listens to the words of her saviours. My Chemical Romance. When listening to them, the school's horror fades away, but that all changes when she gets home.
With her mother gone from the fear, Riley is left in her father's abusive hands. But what will happen when she finally escapes, just to find a "stranger" that helps her...

*My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms competition.*


21. Chapter Twenty - Are We About To Lose Her Again?

Riley's POV

I am sat on my bed when Dad comes in.

"Riley go to sleep." I look at the floor, trying to block him out. "Riley. I swear to God. You need to sleep, if you don't you know I'll make you."

"You wouldn't." He sits next to me on the bed hand on my leg.

"You never know. And when you're asleep, I might lose control..." He slides his hand up my thigh. I try to pull away, but the cuff on my leg restricts me.

"Get off! You're my fucking Dad!" He slaps my thigh and I cry out.

"I thought I said no swearing. Now will you sleep?"

"Never as long as I'm with you."

"Fine. You leave me no choice." He walks out.

Oh, crap. I have fucked up this time. I pull against the cuff and try pulling my hands out of the cuffs, but he did them up too tightly. I look out of the window, tears streaming down my face. Where is Pete? And Mikey? He comes back in with a damp cloth. No, no, no. I wriggle away from him, but he pulls me closer. He pushes me down and sits on my hips. I struggle underneath him, but he clamps the cloth over my mouth and holds my shoulders. The smell from the cloth causes my eyes to water, but I refuse to breathe. With his free hand, my "Dad" restricts my throat, making me suck in a huge gasp of air. 

"Not fair." I say, weakly. I try to push him away, but he stays put. I fight against the darkness and he puts a hand on my cheek.

"Sh. Riley. Let sleep take you. When you wake up we will be far away from these problems." My eyes flutter shut as tears roll down my cheek.


Pete's POV

We sit in silence the whole way there. Andy and I are sat in the front, Mikey and Gerard are in the back staring out of the windows. We need to get Riley back. I remember how Frank told me Gerard had a pistol in the back of his jeans. I can't let him use it. He'll lose himself if he does. I look back at Mikey. 

"So, plan?" I ask. Before Mikey even opens his mouth, Gerard talks.

"Andy is the driver, he'll stay in the car. You and Mikey get Riley and I'll distract her Dad." He stares out of the window. 

"I was gonna say we could distract him and Pete could get her, that way he is distracted longer." Mikey says, looking at Gerard.

"No. You need to look after Bandit if I get hurt."

"But you won't. Because you won't use the gun." I say.

"What? What gun? Gee?" Mikey stares at the both of us.

I sense Andy tense up beside me. I turn to look at him, while Mikey and Gerard argue over the gun. Andy is staring up at the house. As I look up, I see two silhouettes in a window. The larger pushes the smaller down and moves above it. Shit. We gotta get up there. 

"Okay, here's the plan. Mikey, Gee, you're the distraction. Andy, you're the driver. I'll get her."

"Who put you in charge?" Gerard rages.

"I did. Riley's in trouble. Right now." I point up at the window.

We all watch the figure slowly move out of view of the window, but the smaller doesn't come back into view. I get out of the car, followed by Mikey and Gerard. We walk up to the door and Gerard knocks. Cautiously, the door opens. We see the eye of Riley's Dad, suddenly the door whips open fully.

"What the fuck do you lot want? You got your daughter back. Get lost." He goes to shut the door, but Gerard puts his foot in the way.

"We need to talk."

"What the hell could you want to talk about?"

"You fucked with my daughter's head! She flinches every time someone goes near her!" Gerard screams in his face.

"Will you shut it? Riley's asleep!"

I tense up as Gerard pushes past the man. Mikey and I follow, keeping a watchful eye on the man following Gerard. They walk down the corridor and take a left into a room. Mikey looks at me and nods, turning back around to follow Gerard. I step backwards and walk up the stairs. I take a left at the top and open the door to find Riley asleep on a bloodstained bed. That must be from her arm. I walk over and see her hands cuffed together and so raw there is blood dripping from them. One of her feet is cuffed to the leg of the bed. Well, shit. I look around trying to find something that could get the locks open. I walk forwards and something near the pillow shines in my eyes. I look and see a key stuck out from under the material. Clever girl, Riley. I pick it up and try the cuffs on her wrists. Not those ones. I try the ankle cuff and it pops opens. Thank God. I lift up Riley's sleeping figure and leave the bedroom. As I walk down the stairs, I hit a dodgy step and it creaks... Loudly. I walk faster as I hear Riley's Dad start to yell.

"What the fuck are you doing?" As I reach the bottom of the stairs, he steps out holding a gun. I step backwards towards the front door. "Take another step and I shoot you both." I stop.

"Listen," I say, calmly. "You've worked really hard to get her back, do you really want to kill her now?"

"That's true. I'll only shoot you then." A bang goes off and I look down. No blood. From me or Riley. 

"What the-" Mikey runs out of the front room and kicks the gun out of Riley's Dad's hand. That's when I see the blood coming from his leg and the gun in Mikey's hand. It wasn't Gee? Mikey grabs Gerard and walks towards me holding Riley quickly. 

"Lets go!" He says, pulling the door open. 

"Get your asses back here with my daughter!" 

"Don't worry! I'll call 911!" Mikey calls, pulling Gee down the street. I follow quickly behind and see Andy standing by the car.

"Did I hear a gunshot?" He asks, looking from me to Gerard.

"It was Mikey. We need to go!" I say, climbing in the back with Riley and Mikey as Gerard gets in the front. Mikey dials 911.

"Hi. We need an ambulance please. Yep. Okay. We need it to 213 Red-acre Road. Yes. We were picking up a friend and her father shot himself in the leg. Yes. I know. Yes. He's very drunk and possibly high. I know. We have his daughter with us. Yeah. She wasn't safe. He's been very angry lately. He also kidnapped her. No. She didn't want to be there. He handcuffed her to her bed and chloroformed her. She's still asleep. No. We haven't left yet. She is still handcuffed at the wrists. Uh. Yeah, I guess. Yeah, send police too. Okay. Thank you. Bye."

"Cops?" I say, looking at him. Andy turns around.

"Are we leaving?"

"No. We have to wait for the cops now." Gerard leans forward and slams his head on the dashboard. We all cry out.

"Gee? What's up?" Mikey says, leaning forward.

"I couldn't fucking do it. Riley and Pete could've died and I didn't fucking do it!" He repeatedly slams his head against the dashboard. Mikey grabs his shoulders, holding him against the back of the seat.

"Listen to me, you did the right thing. You were angry and scared and your adrenaline was through the roof. If you had done it, you would've killed him. That's why I took the gun off you. Okay? I did it, so that you wouldn't get hurt." Mikey loosens his grip on his brother and sits back in his seat. "But we'll worry about that later. Right now we have to deal with this." We all look up and see an ambulance and two cop cars pull up.

I get out of the car and wave at the officers getting out of their cars. Mikey and Andy follow me, but Mikey instructs Gerard to stay with Riley. We walk over to the cops and shake their hands.

"I'm guessing one of you rung us up?" One of them asks. Mikey raises his hand.

"That'd be me. We were worried for her health, so we came to-" 

"Do you have your friend with you?"

"She's asleep. Chloroform. Her Dad did it. My brother is in the car with her. She's pretty beaten up too."

"I'm guessing he is unstable?" 

"Yes. Very. We took her in to look after her after she was in hospital. She was there, because of him. But he found her and took her again. He also took my brother's kid. We got her back earlier today, but had to come and get Riley earlier." The officer was writing notes on a notepad when I saw a figure crawl out of the door of the house.

"Get down!" I yell. We all duck as a bullet is fired in our direction. I hear the shattering of a window and look over to the car. Gerard is leaning into the back yelling.

"Riley!" I get up and run to the car. I pull open the back door and see Riley bleeding from her stomach.

"I-I didn't realise he wa-" 

"Gerard, don't worry! We just gotta get her to hospital." An officer comes over and sees Riley.

"We'll give you an escort to the hospital." He turns and walks to the other officer.

Andy climbs into the drivers seat and me and Mikey climb in either side of Riley. Gerard takes off his jacket as we start moving and passes it to me. I feel behind Riley's back, but don't feel any wetness. She's still got the bullet in her. I lay her across Mikey's and my legs. I press the jacket on the wound and she winces. Great time to come around, Ri. 

"Pete?" She says, looking up at me. "It hurts."

"Sh, it's fine. You'll be okay."

"Pete, where is he? Why does my stomach hurt?" She moves her hand to her stomach, but Mikey stops her. Her legs kick out and she cries out in pain.

"Ri, calm down. Your Dad isn't here. He won't be able to get you again. I swear. And we're going to hospital. Your Dad hurt you." I look at Mikey, then at the cloth. He takes over while I stroke Riley's head.

"Can you sing, Pete?" 

"Uh, I don-"

"Now I know
That I can't make you stay
But where's your heart?
But where's your heart?
But where's your"

Gerard takes us all by surprise, starting to sing from the front seat. Riley looks towards him, tears flooding her cheeks. 

"And I know
There's nothing I can say
To change that part
To change that part
To change

"So many
Bright lights that cast a shadow
But can I speak?
Well, is it hard understanding

"I'm incomplete?
A life that's so demanding
I get so weak
A love that's so demanding
I can't speak"

Riley's eyes begin to close and I tap her cheek lightly,

"Ri, don't go to sleep. It's about to hit the good part. Come on. You sing it with us." Gerard looks back at us. 

"But it's quieter here. I'm tired. I wanna sleep..." Her eyes shut fully and I force her to open them again.

"Come on, sweetheart. You gotta sing with us. You've got a beautiful voice."

"It'll be easier if I sleep."

"Nah, it won't. Come on. Andy hasn't heard you sing yet."

"I can't sing." Gerard looks up at me and then back to Riley.

"Riley, what about Bandit? She'll be devastated. You gotta stay awake. You gotta stay awake for Bandit. If not for anyone else then do it for Bandit."

"Bandit's okay?" Riley looks at Gerard slowly.

"She will be if she sees you! Can you at least sing the chorus with us? We're almost there. I swear."

"Only the chorus. Then I can sleep?" I share a look with Gerard and nod.

"Yeah. You can sleep after the chorus." To encourage her to sing, Andy, Mikey and I join in with the chorus.

"I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey, if you stay
I'll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me going home."

We arrive at the hospital and a stretcher is brought out to us.

"Pete! Stay with me..." Riley reaches for my hand as she is lifted onto the stretcher. I grab it and follow the bed.

"I'm here. I won't leave your side. None of us will. They are gonna ring the others to come and see you. We can all be here for you."

"Bandit needs to stay at home... Send Gee home..." 

"I will, I swear. Rest. Let the doctors look after you."

"Sir. You can't come any further." A nurse is stood beside me and my hand is ripped out of Riley's.

"What? No! I need to be with her. I promised!"

"I know. I heard, but you can't go any further. Only her parent or guardian can. I don't believe that Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy is responsible for a teenager?" The officer that gave us an escort comes up behind the nurse.

"I can vouch for him. For all of them. And any others if they come as well." 


"No, buts. These men are allowed to see that girl. However, if one of them has a young girl come in, she is not allowed in." I look at the officer, who just smiles and nods towards the doors Riley went through.

I run down the corridor after the stretcher. I catch up and grab her hand, jogging beside the bed. I do get stopped when she is moved into the operation theater, but I just sit in the corridor waiting for her to come out. Are we about to lose her again?

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