I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Riley Hicks is a different type of teenage girl. She wants to fit in, but no one likes her. To get through the day of torture she suffers at school, she listens to the words of her saviours. My Chemical Romance. When listening to them, the school's horror fades away, but that all changes when she gets home.
With her mother gone from the fear, Riley is left in her father's abusive hands. But what will happen when she finally escapes, just to find a "stranger" that helps her...

*My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms competition.*


16. Chapter Fifteen - Again???

A/N ~~~

Hey Guys! IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!! MCRX IS OUT!!! I was running out of inspiration, but now that I am sat listening to the album and it makes me so happy! If you haven't heard it, go listen!!!!! Okay, back to the story.


I decide to sleep on the sofa that night, so I don't wake up Bandit. The boys and I stay up and watch Captain America, mainly cos I made them. They complained but they loved it really. Everyone starts to go to bed until only Patrick is left.

"You sure you're okay to sleep here? I can take the couch if you want?"

"Hey. This is comfier than my actual bed at my Dad's house."


"Yes! Now go to bed! I'll be fine. Anyway if anyone comes to kill me, Pete's room is closest. He can protect me." We hear a muffled no from down the corridor. I chuckle to myself and look down. Patrick puts a hand on my arm. 

"Only if you're totally sure?"

"Oh my God! Patrick go to bed!" I push him out of the front room and collapse on the sofa.

I'm just about to nod off when the phone rings. Half asleep, I don't look at the caller ID and I just answer. 

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Did you really think changing your number would stop me?"

My eyes whip open. "D-dad? How did you-"

"I'm not stupid, Riley. I know how to search things on the Internet."

"But you-"

"Stop. Just stop. Jesus fucking Christ. Do you ever stop making noise?"

"Give me one reason I shouldn't scream out right now."

"I have a sniper trained on precious little Bandit."

"No. You- You're bluffing!" I say, trying and failing to sound stronger than I am.

"Am I?" That's when I see it. The little red dot on my knee. Shit. I stand up, more than ready to run if I need to.

"Oh yeah. And this guy has awesome aim. If you grab Bandit and run. She's as dead as a fish out of water."

"What do you want? Why are you doing this to innocent people?"

"Because they stole my daughter from me, why can't I take theirs?"

"DAD! They didn't kill me! What you want to do is so wrong!"

"Oh no. I'm not gonna kill her. I'll only do that if you interfere."

"And you honestly think you would get her without me putting up a fight?"

"Of course not! That's why you're coming too!" A cackling comes from the other end of the phone.

"What? What do you-" 

A cloth is wrapped around my mouth and nose. I fight against the person, not breathing in. They grip my arms tightly and press harder on my face, totally immobilising me. Before long I run out of air in my lungs and take a deep breath. My arms go limp and I drop my phone, my surroundings going black. I'll never be free of him and now neither will Bandit. Oh no. What have I done? I can't help her. The boys are going to go crazy...

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