Blurred Future

I never thought me, out of all people would like or maybe evn love him, he was way out of the category, of ehat I thought my perffect dream guy would be, but what can I say, That's Harry Styles for you.
You want to find out more, read Blurred Future.


4. back it up now


Leila's POV:

Me being the idiot I am I followed him to get him out of my room, I walk into my room, but I couldn't find him, I walked in a bit more and the door slammed shut with the one and only Harry Styles standing against the door with a smirk saying "I knew you come and look for me" "pff, yeah right, I just wanted to get you out of my room, no one is allowed here besides Brenna" I replied, He smirked and looked me up and down clearly checking me out. Now I just realize that I'm still in my booty shorts and tight tanktop, he walks closer to me untill the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed, I gasped. He kept on walking closer to me untill we were barley a centimeter away, but he kept going untill I fell on my bed with him on top of me


Harry's POV:
Since I layed my eyes on her, I knew I needed her and I was going to get her, I was ontop of her and both of us were staring into eachothers eyes, man her beautiful hazelnut eyes were driving me crazy, I decided to speak "Since I saw you, I felt this attraction to you, and I know it won't be easy but Leila Stone, you will  be mine and when you are I'll never let you go", just like that I got off of her, and walked out the door, leaving her starstruck, shocked and in awe.

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