Twitter Dms

She had just wanted the band to notice her.

She also had a dream of becoming a hairstylist.

Who will be the one to change her life, Lou Teasdale the hair stylist, or the band.. 5 Seconds of Summer?


5. 5

You see I don't actually hate one direction. I lied. I know them pretty well actually, the reason being that Niall is my cousin. I know shocker right? No one I mean no one knows who I am, so anytime I'm seen with him people just blow me off as a groupie. Little do they know.

*Back to reality*

I stopped what I was doing slowly tilting my head to look at the screen, confirming that THE Luke Hemmings had DMed me first! I slowly went into my Twitter DMS and this was our conversation.

Luke5sos: Hey Dylan! How are you?

Me: Uh hey Luke I'm good how are you?

Luke5sos: I'm great now that I found you. By the way congratulations on the stylist job!

Me: Yah uh thanks I have to go bye....

Luke5sos: Well ok 😫 bye babe.

I sat straight up in my bed he called me babe. The thought ran through my head my mind spinning. Why on earth would he call me babe?

I looked down walking over to pick my phone which had been carelessly tossed across the room. Quickly I dialed Katie's number ignoring the fact that it was 3 in the morning where she lived. Just to clarify she's an Australian.

She didn't answer, go figure. It's 3 am.

*One Month Later*

No looking back now. I slowly trudged through the airport saying goodbye to what little I had in Minnesota.

Boarding the plane I looked at my ticket bringing a hand to my mouth. First class.

I quickly got comfortable waiting to leave the airport. A familiar lurch hit my stomach as the plane took off flying into the sky.

I had just stepped off my home town, I hoped my future is better than how I've been living now.

Breaking through the clouds it just hit me, I had started my new life.

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