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She had just wanted the band to notice her.

She also had a dream of becoming a hairstylist.

Who will be the one to change her life, Lou Teasdale the hair stylist, or the band.. 5 Seconds of Summer?


3. 3

Dylan was awoken from her peaceful slumber by the muffled sound of her phone going off. She sat up and wiped the sleep away from her eyes checking the time on her phone, 12:45 pm, and then looked down at the email notification at the bottom of the screen.

Swiping her phone into the notification she gasped, the email had read that she had been accepted for the internship.

**later that day**

I had dressed into my ripped skinny jeans and my Rolling Stones tee shirt which was ripped just above my collar. Sneaking though the house and grabbing the car keys was not hard but I still had the 1 hour drive ahead of me to the airport. We're I would meet up with Lou and either I would be working with the boys of 5sos, or the boys of one direction. Personally I had wanted to get 5sos because I had never really liked one directions music. I get it some people have major obsessions with them and will attack me for this, but I don't like their music and I have never met them obviously I can't judge them by their looks and personalities on tv because all of the things that are said are most likely false.

I pulled up in my black mustang gaining the attention of a few fan girls in the back parking lot of the Minneapolis Airport. Some of the desperate girls had started inching closer to me only to back away when I stepped out. Let me just say I send out this bad ass vibe that honestly scares away practically everyone. I have one friend that is my gbf. (Gay Best Friend)

He didn't let the vibe scare him away and we talked and he came out to me, that led us to be friends ever since the 9th grade.

I casually walked into the airport ignoring all the stares glanced in my direction. I stopped in the middle of the airport where people were just staring at me and yelled "People I get it I'm hot just back the fuck off!" a smirk covered my face as I walked into the mob of fan girls staring at my hair which so happened to be the color of Michael Clifford's, blood red. Not planned at all.

I shuffled into the women's bathroom at the head of the mob and looked at my phone for verification of our meeting place which so happened to be on the other side of the barrier. Oh the joy! I get to cause a scene.

You all should keep in mind I have sunken into a god damn one direction concert before the reason will still be unknown to me.

Slipping out silently I shuffled behind the bodyguard protecting the boys who had just come out of their airplane, might I add I am now deaf from the screaming. No one had noticed me until I started walking casually to the closed off room away from the fans eyes. An arm snaked around my waist and pulled me over their shoulder looking at the attire on the man I came to the conclusion it was a body guard one who goes by the name of Paul? He set me down as I remarked that I had two legs that were fully functional.

He looked me up and down and I smirked sticking out my hand "Paul I presume?" He nodded and gestured to the girls who were staring at me wide eyed and the boys of 5sos who were plain up laughing their asses off. "Oh yeah them" I remarked sticking my hand out to the group of boys who had stiffened up and continued signing autographs and taking pictures. "They're in no danger I'm just here for Lou Teasdale's internship interview," I said showing him my emails with her. He looked up and nodded at me gesturing for me to walk the way he had just carried me out of.

I walked into the room seeing Lou sitting in a chair sipping on a coffee, "Hey Lou I'm here for the internship," I told her she smiled and invited me to sit down.

The entire time I felt like I had eyes staring into my head.. Little did I know.

(A/N hey sorry guys I hate these too but I start school tomorrow so I'm very sorry if updates start to not come often I hope you guys can expect luke once a week or something, sorry in advance -G)

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