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She had just wanted the band to notice her.

She also had a dream of becoming a hairstylist.

Who will be the one to change her life, Lou Teasdale the hair stylist, or the band.. 5 Seconds of Summer?


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Looking for an assistant, sign up link on my bio ❤️

A small gasp escaped my lips as I read the small words printed on my phone. Jumping at the idea that I could finally show my skills as a hair dresser and get out of my house.

I slowly clicked through my phone to the sign up sheet and read the instructions provided at the top of the screen. A small amount of excitement coursed through me as I filled out the sheet making sure to get every detail worrying about leaving something behind.  I finished providing my experience which was hair dying and styling, I closed my phone and connected it with the charger on my night stand.

Pulling back the covers of my black bed spread I crawled into the covers and pulled them up to my chin letting the warmth wrap around my body. I fell asleep with a smile on my face for the first time since my father had died.

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