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She had just wanted the band to notice her.

She also had a dream of becoming a hairstylist.

Who will be the one to change her life, Lou Teasdale the hair stylist, or the band.. 5 Seconds of Summer?


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@Michael5sos I know your online, you tweeted 20 seconds ago.


@Luke5sos tell your home boy @Michael5sos to follow me

Dylan sighed as she slowly placed her phone on her soft bedspread and walked down the stairs to her mothers quite obnoxious calling.

Life had gotten harder for Dylan after her father had passed, she slowly slipped into depression letting her feelings take over. Her depression took a turn for the worst as she started using blades to take out the pain in her life.

The one thing she called a safe haven in her life was music. Her father had taught her how to play a piano, which she then used her skills later in life to pick up a guitar and learn the instrument inside and out.

She had reached her mother who was obviously in a drunken state because she had a small China plate smashed at her feet. Realization slowly dawned upon Dylan as she looked at the plate, her fathers.

Tears slowly sprung to her eyes as her mother proceed to smack her hard across the face, surely leaving a bruise for her to cover up later. Her mother began to sloppily yell at her to clean up the smashed plate and go to her tiny bedroom in the attic.


Have you ever just been so done with life it's hard to get back on course again?

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