•Luke Hemmings is the natural bad boy in school. He's the guy every girl wants, but one in particular Leila Gilbert. •Leila Gilbert has always been the odd girl out, but when Calum Hood becomes her step-brother every thing changes, especially when she makes the shocking discovery that Luke Hemmings is Calum's best friend. When Calum moves into Leila's house and Luke spends the night, everything changes. Will Calum uncover Luke and Leila's secrets? Find out in "SECRETS"!


3. Chapter 3

I walked into my house and ran up the stairs. I slammed my bedroom door shut, quickly changed clothes, and got into my bed. My head was still reeling and my back was burning like crazy. How could he do this to me?



I sat up as I heard the door open and Daisy walked in carrying a strawberry cheesecake frappuccino from Starbucks, two movies, and a box of tissues. I gave her a small, grateful, smile. Daisy was the best. She put in Titanic and came and sat next to me on my bed, handing me the coffee and the box of tissues. I laid down and put my head in her lap as she began to play with my hair.


"You okay Lei?" She asked softly.


"No, Daisy. I liked him, like REALLY liked him. And he liked me too, or at least I thought he did." A tear fell from my eye and shortly after I began to sob. Why was so upset over a guy? Who am I kidding? I liked him, a lot. A sobbed louder knowing that Luke had just walked in with the others. I heard my door open and my bed sink down as I felt someone run my back. I winced and pulled away and moved closer to Daisy.


"Leila, I'm so sorry for what Cadey did. She was jealous and and I broke up with her, so when you're ready I'll be waiting." He whispered. I felt my bed level out and heard the door shut. Shortly after I heard Calum start yelling.


"What the fuck man! No. You can't like her! That's my sister, get the fuck out of my house!" I heard Calum's door slam followed by a set of footsteps going down the stairs and then the front door shut. I pulled myself up from Daisy's lap and wiped my tears with a tissue. My phone started ringing and I picked it up. There was no caller ID but I answered anyway.


"Hello?" I said curiously.


"Hey it's Luke."


"How'd you get my number?"


"I snuck onto Cal's phone."


"But why?" I asked slightly confused.


"Isn't it obvious? Because I like you Lei. Just meet me on the roof in an hour. Okay?" He asked.


"Okay." I breathed. I heard the line click and the call end. I looked over at Daisy with a small smile on my face. I didn't need to say anything she just nodded and got up. She gave me a thumbs up and smiled as she walks out the door. I smiled and slipped on a pair of Nike shorts and my white adidas. I practiced my guitar for a little bit and retouched my makeup before I climbed out the window and onto the roof of my house. I saw a figure walk toward my house. It was Luke.


"It's me. Leave your phone." He whisper yelled. I nodded and tossed my phone on my bed. And slid down to the end of the roof "Catch me!" I yelled as I jumped off. I closed my eyes as I fell. The wind rushed through my hair and I shut my eyes. I felt his arms wrap around me tightly and pull me to his chest. I had subconsciously wrapped my arms around his neck. I opened my eyes and saw him staring into my eyes. His ice blue eyes made me melt and we just stayed like that for a minute, locked in eachother's gaze, our arms wrapped around one another. He set me down slowly as I released my grasp from behind his neck. I smiled slightly and casted my eyes downward as the blood rushed to my cheeks, making me blush. He placed a finger under my chin and lifted my head, he was still taller thann I was so I had to cast my eyes upward in an attempt to meet his gaze.

"Come on. There's something I want to show you." He said quietly, so Calum and my father wouldn't here us. He extended his hand and I took it, his fingers intertwining with mine. It was a perfect fit. He grinned as we walked down the road, hand in hand. He led me to the soccer field that was down the street from my house, it was surrounded by thick woods and had been empty for years. The only people that ever came here were the stoners from school that wanted to smoke weed without getting caught.

"We aren't doing any drugs while we're here right?" I said jokingly.

"Not unless you want to." Luke grinned

My jaw dropped, but I broke into a huge smile.

"Luke Robert Hemmings!" I yelled, playfully punching his arm. He laughed and continued to drag me past the stoners and through the woods. The sun had begin to set and it was getting dark. I bit my lip nervously, I could only make out the black outlines of the trees.

"Luke..." I said shakily and tightned my grip around his hand.

"We're almost there." He said softly and kissed the top of my hand. He was right, because right after he said that he pulled me into a clearing and it was breathtaking. The moon was full and the sky was clear and filled with twinkiling stars. I gasped at the view. He had brought me to a meadow filled with purple and white wild flowers that were reflecting the moonlight. I let go of Luke's hand and sprinted to the middle of the field, my hair tumbled down my shoulders. I spread my arms out, shut my eyes, and tilted my head back and just let myself be free.

  I felt arms wrap around my waist. I smiled as I opened my eyes and looked at Luke.

"So I know this is early, but will...will you my girlfriend?" Luke said shakily. It was cute how nervous he got. I spun around so now that I was facing him.

"Yes." I smiled. He took my face in his hands and brought my lips to his and all I could think about as we kissed under the moonlight was that I think I might actually be falling in love with Luke Hemmings....


                                                                                     * * * *

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