•Luke Hemmings is the natural bad boy in school. He's the guy every girl wants, but one in particular Leila Gilbert. •Leila Gilbert has always been the odd girl out, but when Calum Hood becomes her step-brother every thing changes, especially when she makes the shocking discovery that Luke Hemmings is Calum's best friend. When Calum moves into Leila's house and Luke spends the night, everything changes. Will Calum uncover Luke and Leila's secrets? Find out in "SECRETS"!


1. Chapter 1

~L E I L A~


"Leila! They're here!" My father yelled.

I walked down the stairs and outside. My father asked a woman, Joy, or as I liked to call Ms. Joy, to move in with us. My father had asked her to marry him the same day she and her son moved in. Her son was my age, I didn't even know his name though. The moving guys had moved all the heavy boxes and furniture into the house and I helped the rest of them with the lighter boxes. Eventually, everything was moved in.


"Leila, why don't you show Calum his room?" My dad suggested.


I nodded as he grabbed his stuff and we walked up the stairs and down the hallway. I showed him the room next to mine.


"Okay so this is your room, you can decorate it however you want, my dad doesn't really care what we do in our rooms as long as we don't have a member of the opposite sex in there with the door close. My room is just next door if you need me." I said pointing to the black door next to his.

"What's your name?" He asked suddenly.


"My names Leila. My friends call me Lei. What's yours?"


"My names Calum. My friends call me Cal. Nice tattoo."


I looked down at the tattoo of an arrow on the inside of my wrist. It was pretty cool



"Thanks. Oh, and your bathroom is connected to your room and you have extra closet space, if you need it. If you need me, I'll be ok my room." I said to him as I walked into my room and shut the door behind me.


I walked into my room and sat down on my bed and checked my phone. I gathered up my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I stepped into the shower, washed up quickly, pulled my hair up into a towel and got dressed.



I sat down on my bed and pulled my acoustic guitar off the rack. I tuned quickly and was about to play when I heard my father calling from downstairs. I sighed as I set my car on my bed and walked down stairs. My father, Ms. Joy, and Calum were downstairs.

"Hey Leila, I was wondering if you would be okay if Calum's friends came over, just to make him feel welcome." My father smiled.

"Yeah sure. Whatever. I don't mind."

"Great cause they're on their way!"

I rolled my eyes and gave him a sarcastic thumbs up and a fake smile as I walked back upstairs and sat down on my bed and started playing 'Drown' by Bring Me The Horizon on the guitar.


"Who will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down? Save me from myself. Don't let me drown. Who will make me fight? Drag me out alive? Save me from myself? Don't let me drown." I sang. I finished the rest of the song and noticed a piece of music laying on the floor. It was written for guitar. I quickly switched the capo and started to play the song.

"I want to breath you in like a vapour, I want to be the one you remember. I want to feel your love like the weather, all over me, all over me. I want to print out hands in the pavement. Savour your words, I won't ever waste them. Look in your eyes and know just what you miss. So lie to me, just lie to me." I sang loudly, not realising. I turned around and noticed Calum and a boy with red hair standing in the door way.

"Oh sorry if I was too loud. Did I disturb you?" I smiled


"Oh no need. You were actually pretty good." Calum said.


"I can show you guys around town if you want?" I suggested.


"Yeah sure. Sounds fun, oh this is Michael by the way. And before we go explore we have to pick up Luke and Ashton."


"Okay. Just give me the address and we'll go." I said grabbing my keys. We walked out to my 2016 jet black classic convertible corvette.

We all piled into the car, but the sat in the back.

"Why don't you sit in the front?" I asked slightly confused.

"We have seating arrangements and Luke always sits in the front." Calum explained.

Michael gave me the directions and we pulled up in front of Ashton's house and two people were standing in the drive.

The one with brown hair and the red bandana jumped into the backseat and the blonde one sat next to me in the front seat and stared at me. I knew him. He had the locker next to mine at school and I had had a crush on him since the 8th grade. His snobby girlfriend Cadey, was on the cheer team with me, she was the captain (of course), but hell to that. He was sitting in my car, in my front seat!

"Oh yeah. Luke, Ashton, this is my step-sister Leila. Leila this is Luke and Michael." Calum said introducing us.

"Hey Calum, I think we'll have to go exploring tomorrow. It's Sunday and it's already 6 and half the stores are already closed."


"Yeah that's fine. Will your dad mind if...?"


"No he won't mind. He wants you to feel welcome, so you're friends can spend the night and he'd be cool with that." I said as I drove us to my--OUR house and we got out.


"What school did you use to go to?" I asked Calum.


"Oh I think it was New South Nautical."


"Oh sweet! I go there!" I laughed


"I knew I recognised you. You have the locker right next to mine and we have all the same classes together." Luke said. I smiled to myself as we walked inside. I spotted pizza on the counter and ran to the kitchen.

"Pizza!" I squealed in excitement.

Michael did the same when he heard me squeal.

"When your done I want you to play us something on guitar." Calum whined, grabbing a slice.

"What song?" I asked shoving my pizza into my mouth.

"The one that you played when we walked in."


I finished eating and looked at him.

"That wasn't really a song, I found it after 'Drown'."


"Well can you sing something else?" He asked me in between bites of pizza.


"Okay." The followed me upstairs into my room. I pulled out my guitar and took a deep breath. Here we go....




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