Secrets of the Blood

A young girl, Maia Straft, begins to question her family ties, and soon finds out that she was secretly adopted. While searching through her past which makes her wish she never discovered it. While looking deeper into her birth parents past she confirms what she found out in her dreams. As she tries to accept the part of herself that she is afraid to accept, all while getting help from an unexpected friend.


2. Revealing

    “Hey mom,” I gurgled during a big, tear bringing, yawn, “Where's dad?”

    “In bed asleep. Why do you ask?” Mom probed between sips of her black, sugar filled, vanilla coffee.

    “I only wanted to know, because he’s usually out here with you, isn’t he? " I probed back, "Also, Alicia is in my bedroom because she’s still adjusting to being in New York, but that's normal for her at this point anyway," I added a small pause, "Anyway... I came to tell you that we are going to go through our things so we can set up are rooms temporarily, that's fine right?”

    Before mom could answer or respond with a nod or shake of her head a knock on the door made us jump out of our skins. “I’ll get it mom,” as I walked to the door soundlessly over the soft, fluffy, brown carpet floor another knock came but louder this time like the person is getting agitated while waiting for the door to open, like a classic New York person. I just grab for the brass doorknob and turned it with a squeal that's barely audible when the person's foot slams the solid oak wood door open, bending my wrist in a not so natural way that it snapped under the strain of the door slamming open from the person's foot. I fell back hearing the running of my moms padded footsteps right after my ears stop ringing from my head smacking with the wall. It makes my vision fade into black.


*    *    *    *


    When I open my burning eyes it seems like my face is covered with a white drop sheet but I can tell it's only the blurry surroundings around me if I squint a little. When I squint at what was in front of me I could see that it was slowly starting to focus into a long rectangle patch of light in a rectangular pattern on the ceiling. On my right I see my mom asleep in a blue, leather looking, cushioned, hospital type of chair with a curtain that goes all around us and I can hear the beeping of machines I think that's were we are, “Mom?” I said in a weak and strangled tone of voice that startled myself.

    With a sharp intake of breath she exclaimed, “Oh, Maia, you're awake I am so glad you are okay and have woken up, oh your dad will be so relieved he was so worried about you when we drove you here from home, well what was home,” she started to hug me tightly around the shoulders, “Do you rem-”

    “Mom what do you mean here? What is here? What happened? Why am I… wherever I am?” I asked cutting her short with a rough, and scratchy voice, that was still startling to me, “Why are we in this place? How is Alicia doing? Where is Alicia? Why isn't she here... in this place?”

    “Honey, you are in the hospital, because of the hit you took to the head and you have a fractured wrist from the landlord kicking the door in on you. He decided to not allow us to stay in the apartment, because we couldn’t stay the whole time he said since you dad’s work is so unpredictable. So, he kicked us out and said to never come back. He gave us 4 hours to get out or he was calling the police, that's why she isn't here. She had to help your dad move eve- everything to your.... uncle Deans,” she sounded hurt to say that

    “If we told him that, then why did he think that if we told him we can’t have a permanent place with how much we move around? Also when can I get out of this freezing hospital?” I stated matter-of-factually rather than asked my mom.

    “With you just waking up it won't be for a while so I will go find the doctor quickly so he can say when you can leave. As of the landlord we are kicked out so your dad is finding a family member close by… here so we can…. um… we'll get back on our feet.” mom said in a nevus kind of tone.

    “Mom what's wrong you seem very nervous about that idea?”

    “Well I don’t always have the best relation with the family, and it has created a feud between us. Your dad knows about it only to the extent that I just told you so don't tell him more than that. The feud started when you became part of our family and they didn’t agree with that. Of course they love you, but thought it was too soon to have a child. So we took you to see them ,and I was pulled aside when the told me that the-”

    “MOM! Why don’t you just tell dad about that, because he would like to know don’t you think.”

    “Yes I do…. but I can’t tell him because it would make him choose me over his own blood relatives. I don’t want him to choose that, so I won’t tell him that, because of that option he would have to take in.”

    “So, mom you should tell him, NOT keep it to yourself.”

    Getting up her mom quickly and quietly moved her chair and left. Probably to get the doctor and end the conversation they were having. While she waited for her mom to return she decided to try and remember the earlier part of her morning. All she could remember was walking up and sliding out of the bed without disturbing her sister. Then she went out to the kitchen and talked to mom before waking up in a hospital bed. Thinking harder had made the sound of the knock on the door more noticeable when she was talking to her at the table, but only suspected it was her memory coming back slowly and hopefully.


    When her mom returned the doctor was saying, “Well she can leave right after we put on the wrist wrap that you can take off after she can properly move and support it on her own without pain. All I will ask is that at night and in the morning take off the wrap and see if it's able to be moved without out any pain after two weeks has gone by.”

    “Thank you Doctor Jones for the help this morning.” her mom said impatiently, “Come on Maia lets gets get you home so you can get ready for today.”

    “Ok why such a hurry mom? I thought you didn’t like the family.”

    “Just hurry up I want to get out of here.”

    Leaving the bed she put on her shoes that her mom gave her ,and walked out of her room following her. When the checkout desk came at the end of the hall they checked out and when to the echoingly empty apartment. And they walked to her room to gather all that was left in there but their was only a note that read:

Dear Honey,

Alicia and I have everything moved over to my brothers so all you have to do is grab Maia and come over here. He still lives where he first did when you met him.

Love you!


    As Maia finish reading the letter as her mom stalked to the front door and waited for her to join her right before she left and headed down the hallway to the parking garage to drive toward her uncle's home to stay for a while. She caught up to her mom and jumped in right as her mom stopped and asked, “Can you not tell your dad about what we talked about  the conversation we had in the hospital?” and as quickly as it happened she turned around she walked away again and got in the car after being in the elevator that lead to the garage  only to have to find the car before leaving. She just got in the car to start it and got it put in drive right as Maia got in and buckled up, and she drove off and a crazy swarm of visible thoughts came toward her like a river making her fight back tons of  stinging tears.

    After the hour drive to her uncle's house that's in the middle of the swamps then she got out still soundless and having thoughts swarm threw her head still and went to the door leaving her mom in the car. When she knocked on the door her dad answered and hugged her tight making careful precautions for her wrist. As he pulled away she saw that her sister Maria was standing behind them in the hall watching the little reunion. Slowly her sister came by there dad and gave a huge hug to her sister that it was a little painful on her wrist, but was a little comforting.

    “Where’s your mother at?” her asked impatiently.

    “In the… car I think dad.”

    “Thanks,” her said striding off toward her car.

    “Hey hows my favorite sister?”

    “Good. How are you?” asked Alicia cautiously.

    “Fine. Just a little beat up from the apartment.”

”I know ,but I don’t like our uncle. He scares me a lot, so I have been in our room since I got here and said hello to Dean. Just try and be polite.”

"So why don't you like him? Also what is this place like in and outside?"

With a sigh Alicia said "I don't really like this place it's dark and dusty inside, with a musky and weird outside place hear!"

"Well then it's time we settled in and put up our own choice of decorations in this house then! Plus we can make it smell how we want it too! And while we are at it why don't we get some of their stuff," pointing to the car with their parents as she said this with a smile, "up and unpack what they definitely need!"

With a huge grin on my sisters and my face we ran inside only to be confronted by our uncle Dean. "What are you doing Maia?" he said sternly ,but with a grin that defied his voice. As I looked at him his eyes showed a surprisingly big amount of respect toward me like he was younger than me.

"Umm.... I am very good. How are you Dean?" I had to ask very cautiously, since I didn't know what he would take that as.

"I am good well how about I show you to your room while your sister finishes her room. While I am at it I can give you the grand tour of my sweet country house and land!" he excitedly said, like a kid in a candy store.

"Wow okay .... um..... thank you very much Dean, but do you mean that my sister has her own room?"

"Yes is that a problem? If so I can give her your room too and y'all can share."

"Oh no I was just wondering that's all."

"All right then," he said with a suspected tone of voice, "well here is your room if you need anything then  you can find me in the shop or my room during the day and lights out at ten thirty every night. Other than that you are set all that's left is for you to unpack."

"Alright then thanks for everything you are doing for us Dean," I said with a fake smile on my face.

“No problem,” was what he stated over his shoulder.

Immediately my sister started to unpack my things in a quick, fast, and a hurry. In one box we had all my cloths the others was everything else, and everything was finished in one hour after we truly started to unpack everything. After we were done unpacking I put up my clothes in the dresser and started to decorate my room in my own way with Alicia’s help that was greatly appreciated. As we put up my last picture we heard, “Maria, Alicia get down here for dinner, NOW.’’

“Yes sir. We will wash up first then come down dad,” we said in sync with each other before bursting out in a fit of laughing while going to the moss green bathroom, with deer antlers for the sink and shower water nozzles.

“Hurry up girls, your plates are made and on the table.”

Hearing that we looked at each other and turn off the water and run down the stair as fast as we could without tripping over our feet, because we were starving and ready for food. We enter the kitchen at a dead run, but slid into our chairs without falling over still laughing lika a pack of hienas. In front of us was a white, creamy, dumpling filled stew that my uncle called squirrel stew. As I ate the stew it tasted good enough to finish before I washed up for bed and fell asleep in my soft hanging hammock.

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