Secrets of the Blood

A young girl, Maia Straft, begins to question her family ties, and soon finds out that she was secretly adopted. While searching through her past which makes her wish she never discovered it. While looking deeper into her birth parents past she confirms what she found out in her dreams. As she tries to accept the part of herself that she is afraid to accept, all while getting help from an unexpected friend.


3. Interest

As I walk toward the hills to get home to the little cottage overlooking the valley I am starting to turn in a circle, but once I was turned half way around  there were two pairs of green eyes staring right at me from the tree line. The eyes started coming closer till a large, solid white wolf comes out of the tree line and I turn around and  run toward the little cottage as fast as I can with the wolf close  at my heals till I got to the small little cottage…”

    Sitting upright in a fast, but smooth motion I smack my sister in the head with a loud crack of bone on bone. “Ow-,” she was abruptly stopped by my hand smacking over her mouth to silence her scream from the first smack in the head, which made her moan in pain.

    “What are you doing in here?” I wondered taking my hand slowly away from her mouth, “Also you need to be quiet.”

    “Okay I will,” she mumbled to me quietly, “What was going on with you, because I heard you trashing around across the wall and it woke me up so I came to see the problem and you are thrashing around in your hammock.”

    “Okay I understand your concern, but don’t hover over me like that again just wake me up.”

    “Alright, we'll go to bed and try not to flip out again, because that was very strange for you even when you have bad dreams. You were thrashing around instead of just tossing and turning like you normally do,” she whispered as she left the room backing up.

*        *        *        *

    Six in the morning. Why can’t time hurry? I have been up since midnight because of that dream….. wait is that footsteps in the dining room on the old, creaky floorboards. I slowly struggled to my feet after being still for six hours.

    As stiff as I was I thought I could never reach the door without collapsing, but I did because I couldn’t sleep after that dream, as I walked to the door my joints were loosening a little while the floors echo my barefoot steps back at me and the ones from beneath suddenly stop. I reach my door by the time they start again, but in a hurried kind of state when the creaking began then stopped in what sounded the dining room where it went dead silent. “Hello?” came a deep, horse, mans voice from down stairs.

    “Who’s down there?” I asked hastily.

    “It's me Dean. Why are you up now anyways Maia my dear?”

    “I couldn’t sleep after midnight….” I said as cautiously as I could.

    “Well how about you come down for breakfast instead of staying in your room starving till the others get up.”

    “Okay I am going to get dressed for the day first and then I will be down stairs with you for breakfast.”

    “Alright,” he said sounding pleased.

Walking down the creaking stairs toward the wooden kitchen door the strong aroma of omelets come blasting into my face as soon as I opened the kitchen door. I continue to welcome the excellent aroma of the cheese topped omelets sitting on the table with fresh strawberries and orange juice on the side. “You can sit down and eat instead of standing there,” he said with a hidden chuckle, “staring at your breakfast like it's the greatest piece of art you have ever seen.”

I smile at his comment and sit to eat. Up close this breakfast I can see that it has some meat, cheese, and spinach inside of it. Picking up my small silver fork I dig into it cutting a small slice of the omelet taking everything with it even some of the melted cheese on the top. Threw a large, muffling bite “This is really good. What’s in it?”

“It has rabbit, squirrel, spinach, lettuce, american and Swiss cheese. Why?”

“It tastes awesome!”

“Well thank you, but we should keep it quiet for the others that are sleeping upstairs.”

“Okay,” muffled but still audible behind the large heaps of food that goes into my mouth like I am shoveling dirt form a pile.

A low chuckle comes from the kitchen door and I see my dad in his grey robes, black pants, and newspaper form yesterday in his hands. “I see that you made one of Maia’s favorite breakfast items with her favorite sides Dean.”

“Well I thought that an omelet sounded good and Maia was up so I asked if she would like to join me for breakfast and so here we are. But I am going to finish up mine and head out into the woods to chop some wood if either one of you would like to come along.”

Keeping silent while eating my food, “I think that Maia would like to since she was up early and ready to go for the day.”

“Okay then it’s fine with me, so I can take her since she is has already devoured her omelet and fruit only so she can down her orange-”

“You want to go now.”

“Well,” with a slight chuckle in his voice, “I think that you might have found a new friend, since she apparently isn’t afraid of hard work. And, all that I have to say is that you don’t let her out of your site.”

“Got the note don’t let her out of my site.”

“Are we going yet?” I impatiently asked, “I would like to get started.”

“Could I eat my breakfast first? I definitely can’t walk and eat!” and we all started laughing as loud as we could waking up Alicia and mom who both walked down stairs and entered the hustle and bustle of the mornings kitchen scene.

“What are you three doing up this early, especially you Maia you are never up this early,” mom cried out at us in her little squeal, as we burst out laughing again. Then we all chimed in on a loud burst of laughter before calming down enough to talk.

“I am going to work with Dean. Why?”

“Don't you have to unpack your things today? Or did you finish last night?”

“Last night. Dad and Dean also said it was fine for me to go along anyway.”

Sighing mom said with a warning, “Fine. As long as you stay with him and do what he says. Also, DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF ANYBODY!”

“Thank you mom! Dean do we need a lunch?” she asked in a hurry.

“No we don’t, but you need jeans, a t-shirt, and boots.”

“On it!” and she ran off to finish getting ready.


Ten minutes later they walked out the old, rusty, screen door and walked at a slow pace into the woods, “Dean, I thought we were going to your work.”

“We are, but I don’t drive there because this route is much faster,” he stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

“But why the woods?” She asked and looked around.

“Like I said it’s much faster,” he calmly stated again.

“But the woods are creepy!” She complained and looked around taking in the weird scenery.

“Well time to suck it up or turn back home. And since we are about half way there I wouldn’t advise it unless you can find your way back,” he exclaims in a matter-of factually tone with a grin.

“Fine! I am not going to walk through these without someone so I can’t turn back and go home.” She said horrified at the idea of walking back home alone in the woods.

Chuckling, “Well then there you go your mind is now made up now isn’t it?”

Sighing deeply, “Okay. Okay I guess you're right about that. My mind's made up already I will go to work with you. But, what do you do for work? Just curious.”

“Well then I guess you will just have to wait and see now don’t you.”

“But I want to know NOW!” She complained like a child.

“Nope. Nope not going to tell you,” he laughs.

“Uggg. Fine!” She still looked around like something might pop out of a brush and attack.

“We are right at the edge of the property so just a few more minutes and we will be there, so don’t run around all crazy like just be calm and take everything in.”

“Great we’re almost there.”

“Yup! So just stop right here and take a whiff of the air. Tell me what you smell.”

Stopping in her tracks she closed her eyes and tilts her head back taking a nice, big, long, breath taking in the smell of manure, trees, and… horse's. Opening her eyes and looking around she very excitedly exclaims, “You work at a stable! Which one?”

“This one,” he states proudly as he moves a bush out of there way and walks out of the woods.

    Gleaming with happiness she jumps over the bush and takes in the sight of all the grazing, running, and rolling around in the dirt are several different horse's she can see in front of her. “Do you know how to ride?” Dean asks breaking into her thoughts.

    “Yah, I learned how to ride one summer in Texas with my friend.”

    “Well good, because that's what my job is here. I am to ride peoples horse's in order to get them into performance shape, so you get to help me ride them.”

“What! No you have to be joking! You're seriously letting me ride? I don't even work here!”

“As of today you do, so let's get you up to the main office so that he knows you will be working under no type of schedule.” With that they walk to the front so that he can let his boss know, before they start their work day. As they walk...

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