Secrets of the Blood

A young girl, Maia Straft, begins to question her family ties, and soon finds out that she was secretly adopted. While searching through her past which makes her wish she never discovered it. While looking deeper into her birth parents past she confirms what she found out in her dreams. As she tries to accept the part of herself that she is afraid to accept, all while getting help from an unexpected friend.


1. Prolog

          Through the haze of the white early morning fog, you could see the bright pinkish light of the spring sunrise reflecting off of it and creating a small paradise around me. As I start walking slowly toward the plush, green, grassy, wildflower-covered hills to get to the little red brick cottage overlooking the vibrant and colorful valley. All of a sudden I hear the snapping of twigs, and the rustling of bushes somewhere near me. I start to turn in a circle in order to find the point of the sound, but right behind where I'm standing there are two big bright green-yellow eyes staring right at me from the shadows of the tree line. The fog now seems like a colorful underwater prison. While I stood there the air became hard to breathe as if it was water that filled by lungs up with bricks. As I back away from the eyes they slowly start turning into a large, majestic, solid white wolf, I turn around and ran toward the little cottage as fast as I could go with the wolf close at my heels.  I pass by bushes that seem to be reaching out for me, flowers that grow to slow me, dirt patches that try to swallow me, trees that move in my way, and the smooth rock bed of the creek that runs with me.I can see the cottage growing nearer, but my feet are ready to give out and never move again. As soon as I got to the small brick cottage I rushed in. I managed to kick the door just as I collapse with exhaustion as a knock on the door came.  I collected myself enough to get on my feet, but I had to brace myself on the wall so I wouldn't fall down once again. After I was able to walk out the door after three deep breaths and some time to collect myself, I yank the door open expecting to find the wolf come and leap to attack me, but instead I see the brown boot of a man sitting on the side of the house peeling an orange. He looks up at me and I see he has the same bright green eyes as the wolf.

          ‘Wh-.... who... are you?’ I ask cautiously.                            

           ‘I am you, but also me,’ he said almost calmly as if it's a normal thing to say to someone, ‘but you may call me Mike.’ 

           ‘Mike… what happened with the wolf that followed me here from the woods?’

          With a wicked smile, 'There was no wolf only you.’”


          “Get up,” came a hushed but alarmed voice, “No time to stay, get up! Get up now! Now!" there was a slight pause, "Their, coming! Come on, this way! Their catching up, move fast!” it sounded as if someone yelled in my ear by the end.

          My eyes flew open to my room looking a sickly gray in the dark of New York at night. I looked to the gray, old, beat up, clock at my right just to see 2:39 A.M. written in the glowing, red, block font which means that everyone is still sound asleep in their old beds. Am I worrying about something I heard in a dream? Why would I worry about a dream? Just as I shut the thoughts out of my head I hear what sounds like the howl of wolves on the street below. At the sound of that right after the dream nearly scared me out of my skin, which is now crawling all over as if I had ants under my skin trying to get out. As soon as the crawling stopped a small knock loud enough for me to hear came at my door about made me fall out of my hammock and then I hear my sister's voice soft, but scared, “I need to talk, can I come in? I heard something that scares me a lot about the city and I want to talk about it. Please!” she begs.

          Sighing I quickly got up and threw open the door to let her in trying to hide my fear by acting agitated, “Come in so you can talk to me. Go sit on my bed for now," I stab the air with my finger as I point to the hammock, "So what scared you exactly? I woke up, but probably not to whatever it is that you heard.”

          “Okay did you hear the yelling next door too, or was it just me? Because if it was just me can I stay in your room so I don’t have to hear that anymore.” As she said this it sounded a little scared with a mix of emotions underneath.

          “Yes, I heard it. But what I don’t seem to understand is that we now live in the middle of New York and people are up at all hours of the night shouldn’t they sleep too I mean it! Are they all robots?” I asked as a matter-of-fact statement; At the beginning of my cut off rant which like I intended it to do made my sister laugh.

          As I think that since I am the only one in this family that has heard the wolf's howling and that this does not seem normal if we are in the middle of this bloody city, it would be best to keep shut about it. If this is a trick of my mind I don’t like it now that this has been going on since we moved from Valley View. Now I wonder if this is going to continue for my whole life or not. I also seemed to notice that they stop while we are moving from one place to another but then continue, as if they are following us. It seems that if they are moving with us weather they are people or animals, they know when we are where we are moving as we find out we are moving that week.

    “Hey, can I stay in your room tonight I don’t want to hear the people next door yelling again so can I? Please!” she stated more than asked in her little beg. With a big sigh, I nodded telling her I don’t care but truth is I am glad to have her in here with me because maybe it will calm my nerves and crawling skin. In the calmest voice, she's had since being in here, “Thank you for letting me stay! And also to saying yes when I asked for the second time tonight!” in a quiet, excited, and relieved voice that also is a little tired before she stretched and went to go to sleep. When she was settled in bed and stopped moving you could hear the quiet snores of sleep coming from her. I don't know how long I listened to them before I finally fell to sleep.

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