Her Torturers

As they try to break her down, he tries to pick up the pieces and put them back together.
Alice Rosalie Jackson

Alice is the third hybrid to exist. She has all of their strengths and only one weakness from each specie. She is the perfect supernatural. Because of that the leaders of the world are trying to capture her, torture her, make an example out of her, enslave her and breed her. She is constantly on the run to stay free and survive. What happens when her freedom is taken away completely? What happens when she loses everything she has left?
Salem Xavier Ares

Salem is the leader of the werewolves. He is the strongest, the fastest and the most feared wolf in existence. But he is mate less and therefore not at his strongest. He has been looking for her since he shifted the first time. But happens when he finds her and realizes what she is? Will he accept her or will he push her away and use her like the other leaders had planned?


15. Chapter Thirteen

Salem's POV

Everything was dark. I couldn't see anything but darkness. My limbs were extremely heavy. I couldn't do anything but just accept what was happening to me. It felt like forever.

Suddenly I saw a ball of light coming closer. A couple of minutes later it was ten feet in front of me. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes. I kept standing like that for a couple of minutes then I slowly opened my eyes again. The first thing I saw was that the darkness was completely gone. I was in a clearing in a forest.

Suddenly it clicked for me. I had been here before. But... It had been a century ago... I remember it like it was yesterday. I feel the wind flow through the clearing and rustling the leaves on the trees. One second it is silent, peaceful and tranquil. The next I hear a branch snap and two sets of footsteps approach me from behind. I slowly turn around and come face to face with the two people I have been missing more than anything in this world.

"Mom? Dad? Is it really you?" I ask softly, my voice about to crack. I look at the people in front of me. They look exactly the same as they did a century ago. I feel my tears fill my eyes as I try and keep them from spilling over but when my mom nods at me, I just can't hold it back. The tears flow down my cheeks like two identical waterfalls. I sprint towards them and hug them tightly. "God I've missed you so fucking much" I breath out as the sobs break through my throat and out of my mouth. "We were always right there with you" my mom's soothing voice whispers in my ear.

Suddenly I remember what happened before all of this. "Why are we here? I remember this clearing. This was where you two brought me and told me that I was going to be a big brother" I mumble as I take a couple of steps back and look at my parents. "Am I dead?" I ask, a little scared of what the answer might be. I hadn't even gotten to hold my mate in my arms and now I might be dead by her hands. "Salem, you aren't dead. This is a memory that you are re-experiencing and we are here to help guide you back" my dad responds. "But dad, my mate shot me. And the worst part is that I deserve it" I mumble out the last part as I was ashamed of what I had done. "She might have shot you but think about this. Where did she shoot you?" he asked slowly which made me start to think back to it. "The chest. The bullet hit my body armor. Does this mean I'm in a coma? Or am I just unconscious?" I asked as I was extremely confused by this whole situation. I mean she had probably wanted to kill me for what happened to her parents yet she shot the body armor I was wearing. "You are just unconscious baby. But before you wake up, your dad and I have some things that we need to tell you" my mom said softly and calmly. I had almost forgotten what her voice was like. "What is it mom?" I ask like a little kid waiting for a surprise. "When you wake up, Caleb will be with your mate. He has her tied up in the house but she will quickly realize what power she holds over him and all other werewolves. You need to get to the house quickly. She will say some harsh things that will hurt you but you need to be strong. You need her more than you'll ever think" she says calmly. "You also need to know that she won't be like how your mom was to me. She won't be as tame, docile and in some cases naive" my dad added and received a ferocious growl from my mom. "Calm down my love. I meant it in a loving way" he quickly said as he raised his hands up above his head in surrender.

"Okay is there anything else I need to know?" I asked a little happy that I was here. With my parents. "Yes. Dark forces are conspiring against you two as we speak. Your power will truly be tested in the war that is rapidly approaching and so will your mate's. Call for Hayabusa to come to your aid if need be but I know how stubborn and proud you Ares boys are so I doubt that'll happen" she finished with a smirk. "Okay mom. I love you two so much. I'll never forget either of you" I said softly as I hugged them tightly and tried my best at savoring the moment. "Oh by the way, Ashley is having pup" I quickly added, hoping that this weren't just a memory or dream created by my subconscious. "OMG" my mom squealed, reassuring me that it wasn't just a dream. That it was in fact really going on. All though still inside my head. "I have to go. I have a mate that I have to convince of my feelings" I state proudly as I let go of my parents. I turned around and started to leave the clearing and with it the memory of what once was and heading to the present and to my mate.


Suddenly I woke up with a jolt and gasped for air. I quickly looked around me and saw 22 of my elites standing around me in a protective way as the last one was staring at me astonished over the fact that I was awake. "What's going on?" I asked as I slowly caught my breath and slowly stood up. "Sir, the hybr... Your mate, shot a .338 Lapua magnum round at your body armor. You are extremely lucky that it stopped the bullet. I don't understand how it could have as your body armor isn't rated for that kinda of round but it did" the elite that had been trying to get me back said. "Where is Caleb?" I ask even though I already know the answer to it. "Caleb ran to the house as he saw that your mate was getting ready to leave. He caught her before she was able to get the truck started" the same elite states. "Good. I want you all to create a defense perimeter around the house. I am going inside to talk to my mate and hopefully bring back our Luna" I said calmly as I gathered all of my gear that had been taken of me to make it easier for the elite to help me. "You, what's your name?" I asked as I pointed at the same elite. "Umm... The... The name is Tyler" he stutters out. "Well Tyler. Once we get back you are getting a medal and you get to pick which ever job you want in the castle" I said proudly as I looked into his eyes and saw a shimmer of excitement. "And for the rest of you. There is also a medal waiting for all of you for helping me bringing our Luna home" I say a little louder so all my elites can hear me.

I confidently head towards the house when suddenly I hear Caleb's voice in my head. 'Salem, I don't know if you can hear me but if you can then you need to get here quickly. Your mate realized what kind of power she has over me and every other werewolf. I won't be able to stop her. So hurry your ass up and get here before she gets away' he mind links me. I quicken my pace and a minute late I am standing in the doorway looking at the back of my beautiful mate.

And might I add that she has a perfect ass.

Back to the point. I zone in on her voice. It sounds like the angels are singing to us. "Now go tell your KING that I don't want to see him ever again" She said but even though what she said hurt me, hearing her voice made my heart flutter. "So you won't come with me? You won't at least give Salem a chance at giving you what you deserve?" Caleb asked softly and quickly glanced between me and my mate. "No I won't give any of you a chance to give me what you deserve. I know exactly what you plan on doing and I won't let you do that. I know what my life to be and it doesn't involve any of you" she spat at him.

She had so much grace as she turned around and started to run. Right into my chest. She began to trace my abs and my muscles and slowly tilted her head backwards and within seconds, my eyes connected with her beautiful red, green, blue and white eyes.

Never before have so many colors captured my attention at once but the second I saw those orbs, they had me shackled and I knew that I would do anything to prove to her that I cared about her.


Question Of The Chapter: So I have been thinking if maybe you guys want these chapters less frequently but maybe a little longer or if you prefer the length they are now and that you get a chapter every week?

My Answer: I know I haven't been uploading much since I came back from Italy and it is because of that, that I have been thinking about if I should make the chapters longer but less frequent or just keep them as they are.

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