Her Torturers

As they try to break her down, he tries to pick up the pieces and put them back together.
Alice Rosalie Jackson

Alice is the third hybrid to exist. She has all of their strengths and only one weakness from each specie. She is the perfect supernatural. Because of that the leaders of the world are trying to capture her, torture her, make an example out of her, enslave her and breed her. She is constantly on the run to stay free and survive. What happens when her freedom is taken away completely? What happens when she loses everything she has left?
Salem Xavier Ares

Salem is the leader of the werewolves. He is the strongest, the fastest and the most feared wolf in existence. But he is mate less and therefore not at his strongest. He has been looking for her since he shifted the first time. But happens when he finds her and realizes what she is? Will he accept her or will he push her away and use her like the other leaders had planned?


1. Author Note

Hello my beloved wolf pack and everyone else that might be reading this story.

First I wanna thank you for showing some interest in this.

Secondly if I ever need to tell you guys something then I will be updating this Author's note as I don't like Author's notes to be placed in the story.

Thirdly I want to tell all of you that I am going to be trying something new to get to know my wolf pack and at the same time I will be giving you guys tiny bits of information about me. At the end of every chapter I will put the "Question Of The Chapter". The question might be related to something that happened in the chapter or maybe it won't. I will also leave my answer for the question.

I hope that the precious members of my wolf pack will be kind enough to answer the questions I write in the end of the chapters and if any one that isn't a part of the wolf pack answers then I would also appreciate that just as much.

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