The Sex Scene

Luke Hemmings is the type of guy that goes to fast with his relationships and on the first date he always wants to have sex so a girl named Cece teaches him he needs to take it slow let's see what Cece can do


3. Tomorrow is Another Day

(2 years later) Cece and Luke are roommates now they both wake up with a strange note slid under their bedroom doors but the real question is how did somebody get into their apartment it is always locked at night they took the notes from under the doors then Cece brought her note to the kitchen sipping her morning coffee still in her pajamas while Luke was still in his bedroom picking up his note and bringing it to his bed both of their notes read the same thing except from a different person it said:

Meet me at The Harry's Place at 8:00 pm tonight

Except Cece's was from her boyfriend Nick and Luke's was from his girlfriend Jessica this will be Luke and Jessica's first date Nick and Jessica both have a spare key to the apartment so that is the answer of how they got in and slid the note under the bedroom doors after Luke read the note he put it on his night stand and got his cup of coffee from the kitchen while Cece brought her note back to her room and put it on her dresser then she went back into the kitchen and made some bacon and cheesy eggs that was her and Luke's favorite breakfast later that day Luke told Cece he was going on a date with Jessica at the Harry's place at 8:00 pm and then Cece told him that she had a date at the same time and place also ( 3 hours later ) it was time for Luke and Cece's date so they left a soon as they could Luke once again failed his date and Nick went home with Cece they had sex all night while Luke was lonely and in his bed not having sex because he took it to fast once again he just layed there listening to Cece and Nick having sex all he heard was thumps and sexy humming Cece and Luke both had to use the bathroom at the same time Luke looked very sad so Cece told him that tomorrow was another day and that they could go to a bar and Luke can look for girls all he wants Cece went to the bathroom and back to her room while Luke just stood still like a pencil and thought for a while he finally decided to go to the bathroom and back to bed for a good rest Cece and Nick must of stoped having sex because it was silent

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