The Weekly Shadow.

This is kind of just a random thing that I can write on and make posts about...currently undecided subjects. All I really know for sure is that you, the reader, can ask questions and I will feature them in my next "Shadow." Every Thursday there will be a "Shadow" that will answer your questions...depending on how many questions I get.


1. The Weekly Shadow #1

As this is the very first entry, there will be no answering of questions. Questions can be left in the comments below and will be answered in the next Shadow.

How does it work?  Well, as stated before, at least three questions will be answered from the comments below.  The Weekly Shadow will be scheduled for Thursday nights but might be rescheduled depending on whether or not there are enough questions in the comments.

There will be three questions answered (four at an exception) and after that will be a small little story or piece of advice...most likely a small story.  The story may not be real, rather made up, depending on the material.  The story may or may not be based off of the questions asked - again, it depends on the material.

So enjoy asking questions and enjoy this short starter story that I wrote myself on another site.


Author's note: This was written from a phone so please don't panic if there is a mistake. Just breathe and you'll be okay. 

Story: Does anyone ever wonder where the word sarcasm came from? Well neither have I! But here is the story that I, the narrator, will now tell.

Two young men traveled far and wide, looking for nothing in particular. One day, they were traveling through the canyons and chasms.

Man number one, we'll call him Jimm, (Yes Jimm.) Stared down and suggested something absolutely atrocious. "Wouldn't it be fun if we jumped?" And man number two, we'll call him Grayson, sarcastically replied in a very stretched and well... sarcastic tone "Oh what a brilliant idea! We should totally do that!"

So Jimm jumped. And as he jumped down, he had the look of betrayal on his face and Grayson could faintly hear "Why have you let me fall alone?"

Heart broken and being weighed down by the sadness of guilt, Grayson went home and called that chasm "Chasm Sar."

The next time Grayson used sarcasm, he said "I'm not being serious, it's what I call casmsar."

From that point on, people just began calling it different things until it finally settled on "sarcasm." And thus it has been called ever since.

And that is the story my dear children. "What is the moral?" you ask. Well...if all your friends jumped off a cliff, name the cliff and go get smarter friends. Good day.


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