The Weekly Shadow.

This is kind of just a random thing that I can write on and make posts about...currently undecided subjects. All I really know for sure is that you, the reader, can ask questions and I will feature them in my next "Shadow." Every Thursday there will be a "Shadow" that will answer your questions...depending on how many questions I get.


3. Shadow #3

It's Thursday!  So now it's time for the third shadow.

As you well know, it's the first of September, meaning that Thanks Giving, Halloween, and Christmas are right around the bend..oh and let's not forget New Years. My point is that the year is almost over and a lot of you are probably thinking "Man....where did the time go?  I wasted it on the computer." well there's a solution to make the time go slower. 

While there will be days that go by really quickly, you can make time seem slower by getting your butt off that chair, closing your computer, and going outside...just finish this shadow to get ideas of things to do.

The first thing you can do is go outside.  "What's outside?" you may ask.  Ah, the outside is what you see when you look up from your screen and out the window.  The outside is what you walk through to get the bus and get back inside.  The outside is the opposite of the inside.  In the outside there is a warm sun, a cool moon, billions and trillions and countless amounts of stars in the sky, the outside...has trees and birds that match with reading.  It can be scary but it's worth go...go to the outside with your friends and make memories!

The next thing you can do is read; no I'm not talking about the newest One Direction magazine, I'm talking about classics like Half Magic and Treasure Island or anything like that.  You could even read more contemporary books like The Tapestry series or Harry Potter or even something like Maze Runner even though that's not that contemporary...none of them are, but you get the idea.  You can read anywhere...including...the outside.

And the final thing you can do is spend time with family or friends.  I understand that your friends may have tight schedules as well as your parents, so go out to town or wherever and make some new ones and spend the day goofing around like friends do.  Go bike riding, play games, do whatever. 

Making memories like these will pay off.  When you're having trouble sleeping, think about the good memories, even when you're in your death bed, you won't regret not making memories...because if you do these things, you can make memories that will last forever.

Thanks for reading this shadow and let me know down below what your favourite activity is to do.  If it's play video games, consider doing something different and making a new hobby.

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