The Weekly Shadow.

This is kind of just a random thing that I can write on and make posts about...currently undecided subjects. All I really know for sure is that you, the reader, can ask questions and I will feature them in my next "Shadow." Every Thursday there will be a "Shadow" that will answer your questions...depending on how many questions I get.


2. Shadow #2

Hello person of the deep.  If it wasn't obvious enough, today is Thursday which means that it's time for the next shadow.  As nobody asked any questions or made any comments, I will just be talking about what it's like to sleepwalk and what it feels like.

Whenever a person goes to sleep, the first stage is drifting off where the person is in a kind of daze.  After the daze, the body is supposed to relax the muscles to keep the person from acting out their dreams and hurting themselves, thus comes sleepwalking which is basically when you are not in that paralyzed state.

There are about three main emotions felt while sleepwalking, maybe even four.  The first emotion is confusion.  When sleepwalking, (I will just say it as if I'm telling a story which I am, not writing a research paper.) I was dreaming for the most part and in my dream I was down the hall and opening the bathroom door, in real life, I was opening the front door; this leads to the second emotion.

The second emotion is that of being controlled.  I was well aware that I was dreaming and the dream was being interrupted by real life images such as me seeing the front door before I opened it but my brain convincing me that it was the bathroom.

I know this is confusing so try to stay with me.  The third and final main emotion is fear.  I was afraid because I felt like my body was convincing me to believe that no matter what, I was not walking toward the road...even though in reality I was on my way out the door.  I was afraid because I didn't know what was real and what was a dream because as I said earlier, the actual dream was being interrupted by real life images.  

Thankfully before I could walk out the door my dad called to me and that woke me up.  Waking up a sleepwalker will not kill them don't worry...they might be confused because sleepwalking is basically doing normal day stuff according to dreams or other stuff.

Thanks for reading guys and be sure to let me know in the comments below what you want to read next!  If you're unsure of something, let me know and I'll cover it in the next shadow.  Bye! 

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