Lord of the North


1. The Young Viking

~~Everybody gather round,
Quickly, come closer,
As I have another tale for you all,
A tale of a noble lord.

Our story begins in the ninth century. Long gone were the days and lights of Rome, absorbed by the tide of time. Yet several centuries remain until the golden age of knights and princesses to come.
It is a brutal, dark and ruthless era of raw strength and survival, where men go to bed every night praying to see a new day.
It is the age of the Viking, the clans of Ireland, the ascension of Wessex, and the emergence of the Kingdom of Alba.  It awaits you…

Our tale starts in the setting of the misty kingdom of Alt Clut, on the West coast of Scotland. Just north of the Isle of Man, the rumoured island of which, if you believe the legends, Finn MacCool threw into the ocean, to form the Isle of Man. We meet our lord Brennus. He is a Briton, a member of the Celtic people who inhabited Britain before the Roman invasion. He was born an outlaw, despite his father being rumoured to be a lord. His education was informal or non-existent, living in abandoned huts, or even along the road. He was put to work begging until he became more useful for cutting purses. Some may say his childhood was a waste. A waste of precious infancy, but nobody knows the shadowy backstreets and the secrets to the towns like him. His religion is to the Pagans, worshiping the old Pagan Gods of old. But yet as a young boy, his mother passed away and with no father figure, he soon found himself in a local lord presence and in a strange turn of events, the lord adopted him as his sole son.
He is short in stature, at the age of 24 years old. His features are young facial wise, with a beard that runs down his face and around his chin, with the dark brown of mud for colour
His banner, blood red, the colour of his enemies, with a golden lion pouncing upon his prey.
Everyone rated his skills in a numerical fashion, and so I shall recite:
Strength: 14 / 15
Agility: 14/15
Intelligence: 11/15
Charisma: 10/15

One handed weapons: 91/110
Two handed weapons: 107/110
Polearms: 100/110
Archery: 100/110
Crossbows: 91/110
Throwing: 91/110
Slings: 91/110

Navigation: 0/5
Iron flesh: 5/5
Power strike: 5/5
Power throw: 4/5
Power draw: 5/5
Weapon maintenance: 3/5
Weapon master: 4/5
Athletics: 4/5
Riding: 3/5
Looting: 3/5
Trainer 5/5
Tracking 0/5
Tactics 3/5
Spotting: 3/5
Inventory management: 3/5
Wound treatment: 5/5
Surgery: 5/5
First aid 3/5
Engineer 0/5
Persuasion: 3/5
Leadership 5/5
Trade: 2/5

His first priority should be to develop his possessions, increase his income, and fill his coffers with peningas. Stabilize his kingdom before starting new conquests. Leading people is not easy, War devours resources, and this world is full of dangers. His actions will determine the future of all the kingdoms and ultimately place himself in the history of Britain

As he approached the settlement of Tref Cathures, a messenger approached him, with a message saying:
Ri Arthgal map Dummnagual wishes to inform you that the lords of the Kingdom of Alt Cult will be gathering for a fest at his great hall in Dun Breatann, and invites you to be part of this august assembly.
As he approached the settlement of Tref Cathures, the settlement seems remarkable, with healthy villagers and animals moving about the fields and pastures. However, some of the houses are in ill repair, and several fields have been left unsown. He has gone to this settlement within his land to recruit some more volunteers to help in potentially the war efforts of the future. He also laid down the plans for the village to build a mill in order to increase the prosperity of the village, despite it costing 6000 peningas and taking 25 days to build. Once said plans had been laid down he rode into the village to speak to the village elder. They speak about raising the levy but for now Brennus does not want to cause a negative impact on the village. Then Brennus, asks has he seen and enemies near by the village, but the elder replies that he hasn’t seen any war parties in the area for some time. Finally, he asks if there are any tasks that need completing, and the elder replies “one of our slaves has overwhelmed his owner and fled. You look like a man of war strong enough to capture him. Would you be able to find him and bring him back? He cannot have gone far. He must be hiding somewhere next to the village.”
Brennus then replies “I will find him and bring him back to you.”
“You will? Oh splendid. Thank you sir, he must be hiding somewhere near our village.” The elder replied with excitement.
Afterwards he decides to leave the village in pursuit of the escaped slave.

Leaving the village behind him he sees his company, which consists of:
• 19 freemen (Bonheddwr)
• 11 spearmen (Pedyt)
• 11 Serf (Aillt)
• 4 skirmishers (Bweydd)
• 3 elite skirmishers (Saethydd)
• 3 Warriors (Cadwr)
• 2 champions (Campiwr)
• 1 horseman (Marchoc)
• 2 elite spearmen (Gwrda)
As Brennus hunts for this missing slave, him and his group run into a group of thieves south of Tref Cathures. As they approach they can hear what they assume is the leader shouting “we are landless, poor and persecuted. Life has led us to this, mate. No sudden moves or we will cut you down.”
 All Brennus response was “You’ll have nothing of mine, but cold steel scum.” Despite the thieves outnumbering Brennus 73 to 53.
Brennus and his group started out in a holding defensive position, holding the line. Ordering the archers forward to lose their arrows upon the thieves when they are within range of their bows. As the thieves approached the arrows are let loose from their bows, but the thieves continue the advance. Until only about 20 metres away, Brennus gave the order to charge with his deep bellowing voice. With the ensuing violence, the thieves did not stand much of a chance as Brennus’s axe cracked open the thieves’ skulls of all of those that dared stand toe to toe with him. They had defeated the thieves, but no victory in battle is ever without its loses, Brennus had 3 Freemen, 1 either dead or seriously wounded, whilst the other two minor wounded, and one elite skirmisher was minor wounded too. However, the enemy casualties were 55 killed or seriously wounded, 3 minor wounded and 1 had fled the field of battle. Brennus’s men had managed to capture 17 of the thieves and made them into their prisoners, to potentially sell on to traders later. As well as making on of the freemen into a warrior. After the battle there was a question of what to do with the loot, Brennus decided to share it as is common in their group. In total they each earned 303 peningas.
Brennus heads of in the direction of the nearest quarry, in the hopes of being able to sell the slaves to the quarry foreman and add to the war chest. The sounds of cart and picks fill the air around as they head closer. But first Brennus must find the foreman in order to potentially sell them to him. As Brennus heads towards the quarry, he sees the foreman at the bottom of the quarry pit. As Brennus approached the foreman, the foreman barked “what do you want? Can’t you see that I am busy?” obviously this foreman didn’t know who Brennus is.
But as Brennus spoke asking “would it be possible for my men to work here?”
The foreman must have seemed to realise who Brennus was and replied “Sorry, my lord, but this place belonged to our fathers and before them, our grandparents. Only my men and my slaves will work here.”
Brennus asked “Would it be possible then to sell my prisoners to you?”
The foreman replied “Well, I will pay you a flat 15 peningas for each prisoner, as I don’t care about their quality or their past. If such things matter to you, I guarantee that they will never escape from here. Do we have a deal?” holding out an outstretched hand.
 “I think we do have a deal foreman” Brennus answered, shaking the foreman’s hand. Once the sum of 255 peningas and the prisoners had all been swapped over. As Brennus leaves the quarry, the foreman mentions very hastily to Brennus about a nearby hideout that could have potential money inside. So immediately Brennus and his group head of in the direction of the foreman’s rumours.

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