Mike's Warning

"Heed my warning: leave them alone."
A Five Nights at Freddy's poem that I wrote a while back.


1. Mike's Warning

I was told there were only four,

I wouldn’t need to worry much.

They might try to get through one of the doors,

perhaps make some noise and such.

"Hello, hello," the telephone plays

a voice I’ll never forget.

The place felt quite eerie,

but that didn't scare me

for they hadn't done anything yet.

This job I would try for a couple of days:

A choice I was soon to regret.


Three on a stage, silently stand.

They seemed not to stir as I peered.

Instruments they hold, for they are a band,

Though their song is one to be feared.

The fourth is hidden behind a blue curtain,

for this they don't want to show.

What else lies behind it, I'm not yet certain,

But I'm sure that I don't want to know.

They know when you aren't watching;

I've no idea how, but they do.

The moment you tear your eyes from the screen,

Look for a dark silhouette in the hall

With the most horrid face you've ever seen!

Perhaps the most frightening moment of all

Because those eyes are staring at you.

This place is a nightmare; a living hell.

You'll be lucky to survive the night,

As you long for the chime of the six o' clock bell

With a lone dusty bulb as your light.

If you close the doors, they can't get through,

But they are sure to try.

They'll stop at nothing to get to you,

and I wish that I knew why.

Heed my warning: leave them alone.

Don't make the same mistake as I.

At night I can hear their horrible moans.

The gold one haunts me in my dreams.

I can't forget the sound of their terrible screams,

and it makes me want to cry.

Stay away from the screen,

Don't listen to that phone,

Or you will most certainly—

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