Middle of it all.

A story about a middle school girl who goes through life a bit differently than most.


3. The girl with the pink hair.

As we walked through the doors and into the office I saw a girl with pink hair. When she turned my eyes widened as I stood there in complete awe, her eyes emerald green, her hair a vibrant pink with brown at the ends, her skin smooth, and her body thin yet athletic at the same time. She smiled at me and a blushed creeped upon my cheeks as I waved and smiled back nervously. My cousin started speaking to the girl and I finally brought my eyes away from her long enough to walk by myself to the front desk, trying to get the woman's attention. The lady finally caught on that I couldn't speak and she gave me a pen and paper. I wrote down that I needed my schedule and I gave her my name. She handed me my schedule and when I turned around both my cousin and the girl were gone. Well no matter. I can find my classes by myself.

I walked out of the office and glanced down at my pass, my schedule, and speaking note. The pass was in case I was late and the speaking note was from the office telling my teacher that I couldn't speak and I used ASL. She noted that she'd send out an email to all of my teachers, but this was just in case they didn't check their emails. I managed to find my homeroom class with no trouble and I handed Mr.Burner my speaking note. He nodded and smiled kindly at me pointing to a seat that was near the back and at the window. He told me how a translator would be here soon and I shrugged and nodded. I had no real intent on signing during class, that would make me seem more like a freak than not speaking ever would. People here probably wouldn't understand me and they'd probably bully me and I do not need that.

Ring. Ring.

The bell rang twice before students started shuffling into the classroom mumbling softly. Some noticed me and others didn't. I was looking out the window gazing at all of the nature that was behind the glass pane. 

"Hi! My name's Daniel. Who are you?" His voice interrupted my daze and I looked at him tilting my head. I lifted a hand as a kind waving gesture and he smiled widely. Oh dear. This is gonna be a long day.

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