Middle of it all.

A story about a middle school girl who goes through life a bit differently than most.


2. Ain't School Fun?

As I walked in I couldn't help, but notice the excessive P.D.A going on between the grades above me. I took it all in with a silent sigh as I kept my head down and walked to the office, I got lost twice before an guy walked up to me. He looked down at me and I felt beads of sweat slide down my forehead and neck, I bit my lip nervously as I looked up at him. His tall figure lurked above me as my eyes trailed up, he was wearing a white button up shirt and blue jeans. I saw his blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He gave a soft smile and I realized it was my older cousin. I blushed lightly recognizing how silly I must've looked. I waved and he nodded waving back.

"How are you today Lea?" He spoke softly knowing I could still hear his voice despite the loud obnoxious commotion going on in the background. 

'Very well, nervous, but well.' I signed back to him slowly although he knew how to sign since he was of the age 8. He smiled and gave me a tight hug, I was surprised by his tight embrace and I squirmed my way out of his hold. I didn't want him to be caught hugging someone like me. He'd lose his popularity, his prestige, and his friends. He'd hate me if I caused him to lose all those things. He frowned and tilted his head. I shrugged and blushed, ashamed, moving out of his hold. He nodded and sighed rubbing his forehead.

"Need to go to the office? Or have you gotten your schedule?" He asks grabbing my hand gently as we walk towards, what I assumed was, the office. I simply shook my head and followed him willingly. I tapped his shoulder with my free hand, he paused and glanced back at me making his dyed blonde hair with his brown roots get a bit messy due to how fast he turned his head. I smiled and gently touched my hair before looking up at his face.

'You shouldn't be seen with someone like me.' I signed quickly to him. He furrowed his eyebrows and then let out a soft chuckle. 

"I'd never be ashamed to be seen with my adorable little cousin." He said with a small smirk as he messed up my hair. I blushed lightly before fixing my hair a bit, he wrapped an arm around my neck and I smiled at the heat radiating from his embrace. We walked slowly through the halls towards the office. 

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