Unlucky Guardian

Five families. Five guys. Uncommon abilities. .............. And there’s me. My life was always strange, but finally my father did it. He ruined my cool life. Not only I had to move back to hated family house, but also I met my hateful cousin, old love and their three, strange in different ways, friends. Can be worse? Yeah. It turned out my cat hates me *sob*. How hopeless life... But... I guess the changes are good sometimes?


1. Unwanted will

What would you do, if your fine and really cool (okay, let’s not exaggerate) life was drastically changed one day? Oh, of course you would ask first ‘how’ would it change. ‘Better’ or ‘worse’? For me is the latter. Well, coming back home and live with five guys isn’t bad at all for most of the girls, if it wasn’t my own house, from which I escaped five years ago.

Hello there! My name is Kim Na Yeon and I’m fresh Guardian. You don’t know who is Guardian? Shame on you! I’m joking... But seriously, you really don’t know? Okay, I’ll tell you, but in exchange you’ve to pay me. May be later, don’t worry, I’m patient person. Until I’ll get irritated, which is common because of my pessimistic nature.

Guardian is someone who belongs to the House – an union of families, which protects poor and unarmed humans. Am I human? Of course! But not normal. As a Guardian I can use a water element, which is my family’s symbol of power. Other families of the House have (as you would guess) fire, air, earth and metal element. We live in secret from the people and protect them from others like us (I meant, those with powers) and beasts called Phantoms. Phantoms are shapeless and feed on human’s fear and sadness. Occasionally anger too. They aren’t dangerous in that form, but when they eat enough, they grow and take the shape of their last victim. Creepy, huh? Wait for it... Then they attack like evil ESP (those with powers, now I gave you the exact name. Praise me. Damn, I’m so good at explaining things!). But it’s better, when the Guardian has to eliminate humanoid Phantom than original ESP. Former can be killed without consequences. And the last important thing: House members can have (but not necessarily) other ability, without the connection to the element. But about my other ability I’ll tell you on another occasion.

Okay then! I’ve explained the most of it, now we can move on. Let’s talk about me, for a change. I told you that I run away from home five years ago. That’s because my fancy daddy wanted me to become the family heir, which means, I would have to lead missions and other boring bloody stuff. No thanks. I’ve chosen future as a painter and I won’t give up this. I’m so damn good at it, believe me. I’m not student, by the way (though I’m already twenty three), but I’m making money by selling my work. And I love bets. Okay, that’s another little joke. I did that in the past, though. I’m not pretty (talent! Let’s talk about talent!). I have medium-length hair, colored dark red, I’m tall (about 180 centimeters?) and since childhood I’m tomboy. I like thorn pants, which are most of the time in paint. That’s why I work in the house, so I don’t scare neighbors. Ah, I live in my friend’s house in the country, not so far away from Seoul. I like it here. It’s nice and quiet, and I can focus on my work with my lazy pet cat – Kimchi (I didn’t name it... my cousin gave this name and that cat doesn’t want to be called differently).

This idyll ended, when one day I received a letter from my dad. He didn’t contact me since... okay, he didn’t contact me at all. So I was surprised, when I saw his name on the envelope. Sad news were inside.

“Your father passed away?” Min Ji said shocked (my friend, and yes, she doesn’t know about my family’s... business), peering over my shoulder. “Na Yeon-ah, I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t bother,” I said grimly. “It’s not that we were close.”

“But still... he was your dad...”

I was sad, but deep inside. I couldn’t even cry.

“What’s that?” Min Ji pointed to another piece of paper inside the envelope.

I opened it. It was a will. I frowned and stiffened unconsciously. What I feared was in that will.

“Min Ji-ah,” I whispered. “Do me a favor.”


“If anyone ask about me, I’m not here. I... set off on a journey around the world, or something. Anyway, think of something.”

“What’re you talking about? Who would ask about you?”

I didn’t answer that and went to my room, which was in the attic. I focused on painting, to forget about everything.

You’re the only one I can trust, wrote my father. Yeah, right. You had so trustworthy elite friends that you forget about me in a second!

I have an important position for you. Great. But I’ve BETTER position in my life, chosen by ME.

Come back home. You wish! That’s the last thing I would do!

And that was when dirty water from a cup, where were my paintbrushes, splashed into my face.

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