Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


1. They'll call for Samson

The child had lived in a cell like this once before only it was much smaller than this, this one was the size of an arena. 

"Get in!"

A man kicked her inside the cell and locked it behind her and as she tried to stand wobbled before falling face ward. Everyone who had followed out of curiosity gathered near the cell to see the rare sight to behold. 

"The bastard child vs Samson!" The man who kicked her in roars and the crowd cheers. 

The child was oblivious to what was going on, what being thrown into the cage of Samson meant.

"Samson! Samson! Samson!"

As the crowd cheers the child looks to see movement in the distance. In a bed of sand a figure emerges from it and the cheers of the crowd grow louder in confirmation. Sitting up the figure spots the child who stiffens underneath his gaze. It was no guess as to who would win this bought, the child didn't know how to speak, talk or stand much less walk.

Before learning how to stand on her own two feet she would know bloodlust.

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