Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


7. The hunter's lure part 2

"Are we done? Please tell me we're done." Jackal begs for mercy as Inoue files through one of the clothing racks. 

"If you're tired you can go take a break." Inoue says in which Jackal perks up.

"Rea-! wait a minute...I know what you're doing and it's not going to work!" he warns her. 

This guy is so persistent!

"Do you really need all these clothes? This is seriously too much for one person." Jackal whines as Inoue moves on to shoes.

"If you feel overwhelmed you can just switch with Taiyang." Inoue offers.

"I'll pass." Taiyang who stood watching at a distance quickly refuses. 

Jackal sighs. 

"Hey, I've been meaning to ask about that guard you said you had earlier." he starts. "What kind of guard abandons their master?"

"My guard didn't abandon me!" Inoue suddenly snaps at him much to his surprise. "She would never do that..." She mutters. 

"Sounds like someone's in denial." Tai notes.

"Think what you like, you guys are just outsiders anyway..." Inoue huffs. 


"Daddy, what's that?!" A ten year old Inoue points at a small figure in the distance walking in the middle of the desert. 

"I wonder..." King Dearth starts, he asks the driver to slow down before they passed it and just before the did. The small figure tumbles over into the sad.

Little Inoue jumps out of the caravan and runs towards the fallen figure as fast as her little legs could carry her.

"Inoue...?!" Her Father jumps out after her leaving their driver no other choice but to follow. 

"Daddy, Daddy it's a person!" Little Inoue cries. The two retrieve the fallen person just in time before they were completely buried by the sand. The fallen figure was a filthy girl no younger than twelve years. 

"My word...!" King Dearth was at a loss for words upon seeing the child was on the verge of death but even so he couldn't bring himself to leave the poor girl behind. He took her in with the intentions to adopt her but his wife and son were highly set against the idea.

"Nothing good comes from associating with that clan!" 

Inoue remembers hearing her parents arguing about it. In the end, they nursed her back to health before handing her off to a nearby orphanage. It would only be years later that Inoue would discover she was taken in by a nobleman well known for his swordsmanship who eventually died on that battlefield leaving her alone again. 

Inoue sighs. She felt anxious and worried over the disappearance of her companion. They had both set off on this journey together with their own agendas only Inoue didn't know what Cilicia's plans. Perhaps she should have asked?

She sighs again. 

"Alright, I'm done." Inoue announces.

"Hallelujah!" Jackal yells. The two walk alongside Inoue on their return to the headquarters.

"I've been meaning to ask..." Inoue suddenly remembers.

"What exactly is it that you guys do?" She asks. 

Jackal smiles only this one was different from before.

"Well we're our jobs isn't too different from that of a cops only..." 

"None of your business." Taiyang finishes. Jackal laughs a light-heartedly not bothering to refute Taiyang's words. 

Suspicious much?

"Well I plan on returning to pick up some of the things I left in my car...." Inoue starts. 

"More baggage?!" Jackal asks incredulously. He was obviously happy for a change in subject. 

"Unless you know a way to transport my car to the capital..."

"I can do that! I will do that! Here!" Before Taiyang can refuse Jackal dumps Inoue's bags into his arms and runs off. 

"Hmm..." Inoue smiles at Taiyang who scowls in return. "I guess we'll return to your headquarters or whatever that place was then."

Taiyang sighs. 

"This way." 


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