Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


4. Biting the bait pt 3

"So you say you came here on business?" Cilicia's guide Mr. Inra inquires as they stroll down the street. 

"Uh-huh." Inoue says distracted as she glances around. The streets were too crowded to drive on. There were market stalls, pedestrians and carts being pulled by camels all around her. She barely misses Mr. Inra's offended look.

"Y-yes, I mean yes! Sorry." Inoue apologizes and Mr. Inra seems to accept it as he smiles knowingly. 

"It's okay, I understand that for an outsider like yourself a city such as ours is quite something, however this is nothing compared to the capital. Yes." Mr. Inra continues on with his nose held high and Inoue hurries after him. She had been wondering why she needed a guide when the guards told her they'd transfer her car but after seeing all these people she began to be feel somewhat grateful towards the man's existence. It was difficult not to look away from him when she could feel the eyes of so many glancing her way. Amidst all these people her unusual platinum blonde hair and pale skin made her practically glow underneath the sun's rays which seemed to magnify her beauty even more. 

Almost everyone in the market had their eyes on her and Mr. Inra strutted onwards as if proud to be seen with her. He went on about the city, about it's people and attractions not noticing the group of cloaked men that began to draw closer. Inoue notices them and begins to tie up her hair in case she needs to run. 

"Um, Mr. Inra not to be rude but how's the crime rate here?"

"C-crime rate?" Hearing this was enough to break Mr. Inra from his trance. He pulls at the neck of his shirt, Inoue watches him worriedly unable to tell if the question made him nervous or offended. 

"Well this city is divided by class. See the low class lives here, so you could say that this area can be dangerous but I assure you won't have to worry about that when we get to the capital." Mr. Inra stops in his tracks. "Not that you ever said it I just assumed but we are going to the capital...right?" he whirls on her.

"Yes, I'm looking for a relative of mine and I was told they work here for the capital." Inoue smiles and so does Mr. Inra. 

"Is that so?" he nods to himself and looks onward.

Inoue looks past him. The cloaked men were getting awfully close. 

"Um, Mr. Inra..." but before Inoue could even voice her concerns as they approached the crosswalk a cloaked man speeds past on his bike and she is grabbed up by the waist.

"Yes?" Mr. Inra turns to answer her only to glimpse the back of the bike speeding around a corner. The cloaked men who had been loitering all follow suit on their bikes and seeing this Mr. Inra palens. 

"M-miss Inoue?!" he cries as he runs down the road only to get kicked over by one of the bikers speeding past and into a large vase that he falls into. 

"Miss Inoue! D-d-don't worry I'm coming!" he says all the while struggling to free himself. Townsfolk watch the miserable feat. He wouldn't be catching up anytime soon. 

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