Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


3. Biting the bait pt 2


Moth hands out a strange curved thing and the child stares at it.

"Eh?" The child asks the woman who laughs.

"It's a banana. Bah-na-na."

"Bahna?" The child takes the thing.

"It's a fruit that you eat." 


To demonstrate this she peels it and takes a bite.

"See? Eat. I'm eating it."

The woman nearly chokes upon seeing the child's horrified expression. 

"What's with that face?" she laughs nudging the banana towards the the child's mouth.

"Eat it."

The child stares at the banana quite reluctantly before taking a bite, she chews awkwardly as the soft fruit turns into mush in her mouth. 

"Yummy right?"

The child swallows. Eating the banana filled her with something alien and the child isn't certain whether she likes it or not but Moth seems pleased regardless now that she's eaten it, she caresses the child's filthy head of hair.

"See? That wasn't so bad."


Inoue was surprised to find Cilicia waiting in the jeep with all their things. 

"Wow, you're really ready to go huh?" Inoue hops into the front seat while Cilicia mumbles a greeting. They head off on the road and Inoue can't help but notice that Cilicia seemed more quiet than usual.

"Are you okay?"  She asks.


"Okay." Inoue says with wide eyes as she focuses on the road. They've been driving for a few hours now and eventually a city comes into view.

"Wow." Inoue can't help but look up at the skyscrapers towering above to the sky. "Are those solar panels?" She squints and in the back seat Cilicia cocks her head before holding her head out the window, then half her body. 

It wasn't a city that they were looking at. Cilicia shields her eyes with her free hand and squints. 

"It's a lot bigger than I thought." Inoue calls from the car. The closer they drew the taller the walls and the skyscrapers seemed to grow. 

"This is so weird, I never expected to find a city this big in the desert." 

Cilicia was silent her eyes were fixed on the city entrance. There seemed to be a guard post stationed there. Cilicia gets back in the car as uniformed men come out to block their way. Inoue slows the car to a stop and one of the men walk over to window. 

"Identification, please." he asks her. Inoue opens her clutch to fish it out while Cilicia sinks in the back seat to the floor. After looking it over he nods.

"I'm going to have to ask you to check out the car, we'll need to search it." 

"Oh. Well I'll tell you now that I have a spare gallon of oil in the trunk." Inoue notes.

The man nods to his companions and they make their way to the back of the car while Inoue steps out, it's only when the men inspect the back seat that Inoue remembers Cilicia. She looks around the car. 

"Something wrong?" One of the men ask.

"No sir, I was just looking at how dusty my car had gotten. No staying clean in the desert...hehe..." 

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