They took her father. A terrorist group known but also hidden. She wants revenge and her father back. Filled with faith, courage, love, and strength this story is an adventure like no other. This broken group of teens will put up a real fight to get what they lost back and without even knowing it, making a new family along the way.


9. Chapter 8


We stopped in front of a small cafe. It was painted red on the outside with a small door in front. just from looking at it you could tell how old it was. Without going inside you might think it is abandoned. Calvin nodded towards the cafe door and pushed it open. A small bell hung above gave a hallow ring that echoed around the cafe. The inside was neat and tidy. A few tables and chairs lined the wall and a counter stood at the side. Long florescent lights hung over head. 

"This way." Calvin directed from up ahead. We followed him into the kitchen filled with stoves and steel counters. We passed through another door into a small cramped room. Inside was a couch and round wooden table in the middle. A young man sat at the couch watching a small tv in front of him. The sound of the door opening made him spin swiftly and pull a gun on us. Jason and I put our hands up to show him we were unarmed. Once the man saw Calvin he put down the gun. I realized Calvin and him looked quite similar, relatives maybe.

"Calvin! Y-You shouldn't be here, it's not safe." the man said.

"Martin I need your help, these are some friends of mine don't worry." Calvin said reassuringly.

"Flare, Jason, meet Martin." he said.

"Hi." Jason and I said, taking a seat at the small table. Calvin joined us and explained to Martin what we needed. 

"We need a few supplies, and some information." Calvin explained.

"Sorry I can't help you." he grunted.

"Come on can't you help your younger brother every once in awhile! After everything you did!" Calvin countered. Brother? Calvin never mentioned a brother?

"Fine. Supplies are in the back, what kind of information are we talking about?" he said while Jason went to the back with my duffel.

"My father Barton, he was recently kidnapped by the terrorist group known as Malum, we were wondering if you knew where he may have been taken?" I asked.

"No, even if I did I wouldn't give it to you, they could kill me for sharing information involving them." he stated. I could feel tears starting to form. I couldn't cry not anymore. I'm not a little kid anymore, I have to take care of myself and my friends, I thought glancing over at Calvin. If one door of opportunity closes, I've got to find another. Loads of people know about this terrorist group, right? One of them has got to know where they take prisoners. Of course not, if they did the government would have saved them. My mind was spinning think of alternative plans. My mother? No, she doesn't want anything to do with me. My thoughts were interrupted when Martin spoke again.

"I don't know where he is but I might know someone who does." 

"His name is Aaron, he's the only known man to ever escape this specific group of terrorists. He would know where your father is being held." he explained. I could feel adrenaline rushing through me now. I was standing before I even realized it.

"Where can we find him!?" I practically shouted.

"Thats the problem, no one knows where he is, he disappeared off the grid after he escaped. The only one who knows where he is, would be his daughter, Grace." he said.

"Where's Grace then!?" I asked.

"She works for an oil company, in Miami Florida." he sighed. I slumped back into the chair. Florida, theres no way to get us all there in one piece, even if we had the money, there is no safe way to travel.

"Right.....thanks." I said. Motioning for Calvin and Jason to follow, we grabbed the rest of the supplies, leaving Martin sitting in his chair behind us. He seemed to sink into the darkness around him as we left, back into the now quiet streets.

Wow! Thanks to everyone who has been reading this, 1,000 views is amazing! The next chapter is going to be the longest one yet. Sorry the update took so long. Thanks again!~Destiny_Taylor



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