An adventure!

In the world of Astarli many regions eggzist most of them have kingdoms our story is in the view point of Lavender the elven princess and the story is about her journey.


4. ch. 4

  It was a shade of mint green on the upper layer then became a teal color with gold tracing and flower drawings on the inner layer it had lacy long sleeves.

" Wow! It`s amazing thank you."

" No problem have fun."

" I will!" I couldn`t thank her enough I took the dress to an Inn so I could get a place to sleep for the night it wasn`t glamorous but I go camping all the time so I`m fine with it. The next day I asked for breakfast and I got bread an cheese from the barkeep it was nice but not as good as pancakes I decided to go to the palace gardens ( witch are open to everyone) today I hear the flowers there are beautiful I got to the garden and the trees and flowers are as beautiful as they say! A gust of wind came suddenly and my cloak flew off I ran for it someone else a young man picked it up.

" T-thats mine." I wasn`t even thinking when I told him it was mine. He turned around and he`s gorgeous like a prince. When he saw me he looked shocked for a second then smiled.

" Here you go." His voice was mesmerizing. I blushed.

" T-thank you." It was like the cherry blossom petals were falling for us.

" D-do you mind if we talk for a little bit?" He was blushing too!

" S-sure!" We talked for I don`t know how long he asked me some questions about myself and told some jokes I asked and joked right back. Before I knew it it was sunset almost time for the ball.

" I-I have to go now!" He grabbed my arm and  spun me into his arms!

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