An adventure!

In the world of Astarli many regions eggzist most of them have kingdoms our story is in the view point of Lavender the elven princess and the story is about her journey.


3. ch. 3

  These items aren`t real eleven gold it`s hard to tell but they are just iron paint mixed with yellow pigment a woman walks up to a neckless I have to help her!

" Such beautiful jewelry to bad it`s fake." the woman gasps the man looks angry.

" Fake my work ha thats a laugh!" he`s faking it good.

" Well I don`t know whats underneath but this is most definitely painted with iron paint mixed with yellow pigment the sides are gloopy and the texture is ruff and paint like." the man looks infuriated.

" You think you can just waltz in and ruin my business well you`ve got another thing coming!"

" Maybe I should report you for false sales unless you walk away right now."

" I`ll get you for this i`ll get you!" and he runs off the woman walks up to me.

" Umm... thank you for helping me I don`t have much to offer but I have this please take it." it`s a ticket to the ball tomorrow night this is my chance to see the king Father was telling me about so I take the ticket.

" Thank you hope to see you again." I run off to find an Inn but then I realize the ticket says formal attire only I know that my dress isn't really formal so I go to find a dress shop and see a place called Ellie`s Ball Gowns I enter the woman from the market works here she walks up to me.

" Oh you don`t have a gown?" I shake my head no. " Oh don`t worry i`ll make you the best dress in the kingdom!" she starts her work she is very good at what she does and fast the other customers are amazed to.

" All done! here you are don`t worry it`s on the house!" What I saw in front of me was amazing.


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