An adventure!

In the world of Astarli many regions eggzist most of them have kingdoms our story is in the view point of Lavender the elven princess and the story is about her journey.


1. ch. 1

 I`m very exited its my 16th birthday and Father is going to surprise me with something I wonder what its going to be.

" Hello Father."

"Hello my sweet girl happy birthday." Father cut his beard and his mustache too his hair is a darker purple than my lavender hair and his eyes are blue like my left eye but my right eye is green like my mom she had headochromia too i miss her.

" So Father what are we doing today." i love surprises so im ancy.

" Well we are going to have some buttermilk pancakes for breakfast with green thumb berries then I have a surprise for you."  Mm-mm my favorite and Father knows it too i get dressed in my almost knee length light green dress my twilight flower neckless from mom my leaf circlet and my violet and vine anklet me and Father eat breakfast then go to the flower field the flowers were in full bloom today it was ravishing.

" It`s Beautiful Father!"

" Hmm? Oh yes, yes it is." Father seems... distracted today I wonder whats wrong.

" Father is something wrong?" 

" Wrong what no nothing is wrong not in the slitist why are you asking." something is definitely wrong here but what? Suddenly the ground starts shaking and the sky gets stormy.

" Father whats going on?!" I`m scared so scared.

" No, no, no not now please." This is not the kind of surprise I was expecting.


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